Wednesday 16 March 2016


Hello again, gentle readers.  A short entry after last night's little extra.

I had fun yesterday morning, although my heart sank when I realised that I had to use technology in the shape of laptops for English.  It was justified too but never mind, technology is god, even when unreliable!

Today I am in school again, this time with Y1 for the morning, which should be fun.  In the afternoon, weather permitting, I am into town with a friend to do some Lakeland (and other) shopping.

In the evening it's a governors' meeting.  Just one of those days!

B:  toast
L and D: no idea.  The shed door may be open by then, in which case I will get something from the freezer but if not, I don't know.

I will leave you with the photo of the damaged socket from yesterday's little contretemps.  The electrician is coming on Friday!


  1. Wow, she's got a mind of her own and is a strong girl! Still, I suppose it could have been a lot worse.

    Is it a case of giving her room to wander or are there some special stands or guards to prevent her from trying to escape? or some stout rubber shoes that don't slide?

  2. Such a simple job for the electrickery guy. New face-plate to wire up and two more screws later all will be well. Hoping they do not charge an exorbitant price. Glad no real damage was done to anyone or anything. Jx

  3. Normally it's not a problem. It was just my bad luck really, Annabeth. Tucking a damp tea towel usually does the trick. < sigh >

    I hope so too, Joan. He's the dad of two ex pupils so my fingers are crossed. :-)

    J x

  4. Good job the tiles survived. I have a floor tile which has busted so I think I will try super glue as first try.

  5. Fortunately, the floor tiles survived the crash! I'm hoping the electrician will check that all is well inside - it must have undergone some considerable force! I haven't tried to use it, of course, so have no idea!
    Good luck with the super glue!