Thursday, 10 March 2016


Good morning again, gentle readers.  Goodness, the days are spinning round so fast at the moment, I've no sooner finished one post than I'm planning the next!
Yesterday was dim and dismal and very damp although we didn't have a lot of rain, and today looks like being similar.  It's pretty dull and gloomy right now.

I was at the Infant Music Festival all day yesterday.  All jolly good fun and I was helping with the 'orchestra' again.  I can take most things in my stride but even my mouth fell agape when two lovely lads bounced up clutching their glocks and announced 'Hello, what are we doing?  We haven't practised anything.'


You will be glad to read that we found them something to do and they managed it fine.  They all managed fine.  It may not have always been according to the notation but we believe in the Morcambe and Wise approach - all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order!  It works for Y2.

My most favourite sketch ever - I like watching the reactions of the orchestra in the background.

Beth posted her photos of the fifteen Tonk sock cats that we've been making.  They're really very cute, aren't they?  They're sitting on the current granny rectangle blanket that is nearly finished.

They're cute.

The other thing I am crocheting is a small ripple blanket.  I have decided I really ought to extend my crochet techniques somewhat and, as I am having coffee with a friend on Monday, this will make a nice gift for her daughter to wrap her dollies in at night!  See, I am still using up yarn - there's plenty left on the cupboard still.

Today is pretty peaceful after yesterday.  There's stuff I have to do in the morning and after school it is tuition time again.
I think I might have time to try an 18/20% loaf and see how that pans out, although the 90/10% was really very delicious.  For the technically minded, I am working on a 63% hydration!  And yes, I do know that that means - at last!

And now I need coffee as I have woken up very stuffed up and with a sore throat.  A cold, I think.  Coffee should help!


  1. Oh no, no another cold! Hope it passes quickly.

    The tonks look fabulous!

  2. The colds haven't been as bad this year though, or so frequent, so that's good.
    J x

  3. Why are those cats named so? They are super cute though! Get you Mrs bread lady expert with your percentages!! I'll have to start calling you Paula - as in Paula Hollywood!
    Actually, I have loads of his books, I've tried a few recipes. But we don't often get on. My best celeb chef bread recipe I've followed is Dan Shephard's soft baps ( just be careful if you google that!!! ) - they come out perfect every time! My most professional looking bakes yet!

  4. It's a long story but the short version is that my daughter used to breed Tonkinese cats and she made the Tonk sock cats for friends in a Tonkinese Cat group.

    :-) re the percentages. Breadmaking seems to be almost worse than education for confusing jargon.

    I'll (carefully) look up the baps recipe as I haven't found a good soft roll recipe yet. Thanks.

    J x

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