Thursday, 31 March 2016


It's another lovely morning here, looking bright and mild from this side of the glass.  I've not long woken up: I'm being very decadent at sleeping in at the moment although I did sit up late knitting last night so I've had just the usual amount of sleep.

Most of yesterday was spent with Beth here.  She did owly sewing and I did doggy coat knitting and we both got on famously.

The doggy top is going well after several mistakes.  I now know why conventional aran stitches, such as cable, are surrounded by reverse stocking stitch - it is to signal the start of the new element.  I've got the cable and the trellis backed by moss stitch and it's much harder to see when one starts and the other stops when you're knitting, especially on the back.  On the other hand, moss stitch lies nice and flat and that's exactly what I wanted.
Here's the pattern.  The colour isn't that pink, it is more a lovely cherry red shade

I have a request to make a cushion cover so when I've done the doggy coat I will start that.  At least this time I won't need to work out the pattern, number of stitches, etc!
I've always enjoyed aran knitting.  It's so structured and you can see it grow so easily.  What I would love to make is one of those blankets made with a number of large squared, each made from a different aran stitch.  I think they look lovely!

 There's no photos of the owls yet as there's one unfinished one plus some mini ones to make.  When I can photo them I post one

The photo at the top at the moment is a bit 'noisy', but I was lucky to get it.  I was drawing the curtains around eight last night when I saw the glow over the fence so grabbed my camera and popped out the back to see if it was any good.  Two minutes later and it had all subsided.

Today I have nothing happening so, apart from some important 'paperwork' I shall knit and sew.  Beth has some cloth bags, plain dull brown bags, and I have an idea for jazzing them up a bit for Kitty Stitches.  I shall have a go and if it doesn't work they will never see the light of day in her.

I might also have a go at another sourdough loaf, just a little one.  I might follow my nose this time rather than a recipe and we shall see.  I'm not having much luck so far.

Well, the kettle must have boiled and the coffee is calling so I will leave you and get on with morning things.


  1. Very envious of your knitting skills - that gene completely bye-passed me !

  2. I learnt as a child at my mother's knee. We still sit together and chat as we knit when I'm over there of she's here.
    It also makes me feel productive when I am sitting and watching rubbish telly! :-)
    J x

  3. Nice bit of cabling I have done aran stuff in the past but after the last disaster I will give it a swerve for a while

  4. Was the one that you chucked aran? I don't blame you - when it goes wrong it is well nigh impossible to put right without undoing the whole thing.
    J x

  5. You are so fast at it! I'm just so slow!!