Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Hi!  An early start today as I want to be in school earlyish so I can go over the morning's work in detail.  I'm taking a Y3 class, my old class last year, so I'm really looking forward to it very much.

Yesterday was a very busy and satisfying day.

First of all I drove over to a friend's home and had a lovely catch up chat with her.  Once home, I sorted out the bread (which is now made, wrapped and ready for delivery today) before settling down to some serious sewing.  By the end of the day the waistcoat was just about done, apart from some hand sewing and some top stitching.  And here it is, looking a bit un-ironed but even so it's good and I hope the recipient will really love it.
Looking a bit brighter than it really is because the flash went off and then the battery died so I had no opportunity to take another photo.  I'm really pleased with it though, it looks great.

The afternoon meeting went really well and then I popped into school to see the class teacher of tomorrow's class and get to grips with the planning.

More sewing in the evening but I had to stop because the lining and back of the waistcoat is black and I couldn't see properly in artificial light.  I'll get that done another time, in natural light.

However, it ended up with a mini-disaster.  I went out to the shed and couldn't unlock it.  Something has jammed.  Very frustrating as I keep stores of things in there and now I have to go shopping.  Things like loo rolls, etc, not to mention the freezers!

Today is school, school, school.  Earning pennies a.m. and nanny helping p.m.  Then it's home to do tuition and to get tidied up and ready for Wednesday.  It'll keep me out of trouble, anyway!

B:  toast and marmalade
L:  lasagne and broccoli
D:  probably something bacon and eggy!


  1. very lovely waistcoat. Shed doors swell in the wet and mine has jammed on various occasions but a bit of brute force has usually done the trick.

  2. Technicolor waistcoat indeed! It looks brilliant! Have a lovely day xx

  3. The waistcoat is a WOW!

    You say you couldn't unlock the shed, maybe a squirt of WD40 into the keyhole might do the trick.

    Another thought, is your key still intact, some of the bits might have broken off and are in the lock, this happened to me with our side gate once.

  4. The key is intact - never thought of that but have checked. Dad has some 'graphite' stuff (I think that's what it is called) that is good for locks so fingers crossed. I wouldn't be thrilled to need a new door - it's not long since it was rebuilt and repainted after some rot.

    I rather love that waistcoat too! :-)

    J x

  5. The door isn't jammed, Diane, it is definitely the lock.

    Thanks, everyone for the kind comments . . . :-)

    J x