Monday 22 April 2013


. . . and back to school after a very pleasant weekend with lots of sunshine and increasing warmth.  I hope today is as pleasant because it really was a cheerful weekend.

In the morning I meandered over to B&Q to stock up with granular salt for the water softener and, while I was there, I took the opportunity to look at the plants.  They are starting to get in their bedding plants and I usually go for some trailing lobelia, but I think it is just that bit too early.  I also resisted the temptation to buy a grafted tomato plant as I have some on order.  With tomatoes it is a case of hope springs eternal as the last two years have been something of a dismal failure.  Two years ago they were very late for fruit so the frost caught them before I had picked all that many.  Last year they all got the dreaded blight, which was heartbreaking because there were so many trusses, loaded with fruit all starting to ripen well and I had great plans for chutney, passata, etc.

After that I went to Hobbycraft.  Now that could have been a financial disaster but I was very good and resisted again.  Such strength of purpose - most unlike me.

Lunchtime was a treat.  Instead of Beth and Alex coming here, I went to Beth's and had a scrummy meal there.  It was a meal of necessity because her section of flats had a prolonged power failure and she had a lot of things in the freezer that needed cooking and either eating or then refreezing cooked.  She created a sort of vegetable korma (absolutely delicious) and then made pumpkin pie for dessert.  By the time I had finished I was stuffed!!!!

I then came home and finished off making resources for this week followed by some knitting/crochet while I watched some Agatha Christie on the telly.  Nice and relaxing.  I didn't want much more to eat after such a magnificent lunch so I satisfied myself with toast and marmalade (both home made!)

Just a very pleasant day all round.  May there be many more like it.


  1. Sounds like we had very similar weekends. Doesn't the weather make such a difference. Just the sight of the sun raises the spirits

  2. Oh, indeed it does, Diane. That, with the longer daylight hours, is so very cheering!
    J x