Wednesday 3 April 2013


I had a very uncomfortable, spluttery awakening today, thanks to this cold.  I've taken a good swig of the appropriate cough stuff which, hopefully, will loosen things up properly and am drowning my sorrows in a nice mug of coffee.  I have to be very unwell for coffee not to work its magic!

It's jolly cold outside again.  When are we going to warm up a little bit, I wonder?  Frost after frost after frost and I gather that some places are still getting snow judging by comments made on Facebook.  The sun is shining beautifully at the moment but there's no warmth in it.

Yesterday was fun.  I discovered that I didn't have enough salmon in the freezer, one measly little fillet not being enough, so we went to Morrisons where I chose one fillet and invited Alex to choose the other.  Instead of the salmon I was after he chose a whiting fillet which surprised me (and wasn't what I meant)  but why not?  The one he chose was large enough to cut into two and he had the other bit egg and breadcrumbed and fried for tea with some oven chips - something he thoroughly enjoyed.

There's no getting away from it - Alex does love cooking.  Writing out the recipe worked a treat, he made the crumble topping by himself and I was very much relegated to general dogsbody while he made the bottom.  I made the cheese sauce early morning but he insisted that I teach him how to do that some time in the near future.

And it tasted wonderful.  Absolutely delicious.  Well done, Alex.

Today we are off out to a retail park to pick up Al's laptop, buy some buttons from Hobbycraft and have lunch at the Pizza Hut after which Beth will arrive and take Alex off home again.  I've enjoyed having him around - he's a lovely lad and the generally recognised and less desirable teenage 'qualities' don't last very long with Alex.  His highly developed conscience won't allow them to.

I've enjoyed myself, these last few days!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are unwell with a cold they are such miserable things not necessarily bad enough to warrant taking to your bed just enough to make you feel lousy.

  2. That's about the sum total of it, Diane, but I do think it is going now. Thank goodness for syrups and tablets! Thanks for the sympathy - much appreciated. :-)
    J x