Wednesday 24 April 2013


Wasn't yesterday glorious!  I couldn't have wished for a better day to be on playground duty - it was warm and sunny and the trees are greening up by the minute!  So happy and encouraging and the children feel it too.  They are lively and bouncy and very, very responsive at the moment.  An absolute delight all round!

Here's to another lovely day today!  A shame about the staff meeting but three cheers for PPA.


  1. Dosent a bit of sun make a difference to your outlook on life!!!!!

  2. ...and a glorious day to celebrate your Happy Birthday!! Have a lovely day and may all your birthday wishes come true! Axx

  3. It really does, Diane. It cheers one up so much. I don;t like it baking hot, but I do love the brightness of the sun.
    Thank you so much, Annabeth. I have had a truly lovely day, full of lovely small things (no, not just the children) and have come home with enough wine-stuff to keep me going for - er - a while!!!
    J x