Friday 19 April 2013


Nearly the weekend.  Nearly one week down, five to go.  Yay!

It's been a lovely week.  The children have settled down quickly and are maturing rapidly.  They are working well and are generally absolutely delightful.  Long may it continue.

I am sure that every primary teacher is doing the same thing now - every day, when I notice something, I mentally prepare a sentence that could go into the end of year report.  It gets quite annoying at times and is a constant reminder that I need to GET ON WITH THEM!  Ridiculous when we still have a third of the school year to go, isn't it, but, dear me, these things don't write themselves, nor do they replace other work.  They are an 'as well as' and, as such, have to be started early or they won't get done properly.

And I'd better go and get ready for the day job!


  1. All I can remember from my school reports was the constant comment of "could do better", I'm sure there were other comments but I don't remember them. I had the misfortune to be at boarding school form the age of 6. The school was run by an order of sadistic belgian nuns who were experts at devising fiendish punishments for minor infractions of the rules. Perhaps they were really not that bad but that is how I remember them.

  2. Boarding school from the age of six is tough. Did your parents have to travel?

    J x