Saturday 6 April 2013

Saturday morning

Good morning, gentle readers.  Welcome to a sunny but very frosty Saturday morning.  I can see that where the sun has shone direct, the frost has melted, so here's hoping it will be a gloriously sunny and increasingly mild day today.  Sadly, it won't be warm enough to sit outside, but never mind.  That time will come.

As is so often the case, yesterday was lovely.  Matt came and sorted out the hot water.  It was actually the boiler control that had gone and needed replacing.  Now I am looking forward to a piping hot bath with enough hot water to top up again when it gets cooler.  Lovely!  If you live local to me, Matt Hickey is the man for your central heating/boiler jobs.  He's a star!

When N came round I served up chicken balti, a sort of pork, apricot and veg korma, lentil dhal, basmati rice and some mini naan.  I did find a flatbread recipe and had a go in the morning  it was most successful but I decided that I wouldn't have time just before the meal and they are definitely nicer fresh.  Something to do again though, as it was dead easy, Thermione did all the kneading using the bread function and I picked up a cute way of rolling out the dough that made for a great texture.
I wanted to show you the video clip but, typically, I can't find it now.  It involved rolling out a disc of the dough until it is very thin, brushing it over with melted butter and sprinkling flour over, rolling it up into a long, thin sausage, then rolling the sausage shape into a spiral, tucking the outside end under the neaten, then rolling it all out into a very thin round again.  Neat!

The meal went well, N seemed to like it all - she had seconds so it can't have been too bad, and I have plenty for today and for the freezer.  What's not to like?  Now I look forward to Monday and lasagne day!  Yay!

Now I need to sort out the kitchen.  I left it in a right mess yesterday evening.

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