Monday 15 April 2013


. . . and it's all over.  Back to school.  The planning is beside me, there are plenty of things to do at school because I didn't do much over the break and I'm looking forward to seeing the children again.  Now looking forward to the Whit half term - except that it's hardly a break because I'm writing reports all day.

It was hard getting out of bed this morning.  Not waking up, I was well awake, but I've become lazy over the break and have spent some time just pondering because, if I fell asleep again, it really wouldn't matter.  It won't take long to get back to proper habits again now though, especially as it is so much lighter and brighter than the end of last term, BST to the contrary notwithstanding!

Because people are kind and generous, I was given some flowers at times, from friends who came round for a meal, coffee, lunch or whatever.  Of course, I've taken some photos, I always do.  Here are a few.


  1. What lovely flowers and what good friends. Jx

  2. Yes they are - lovely and good . . .

    J x