Friday 22 July 2022


 Today's garden happy - the sweet corn must have grown a good foot in the last week and the female bits now have tiny little silky tassels emerging from their tip.    Must look up What Happens Next - unless some of you experts can tell me in the comments.  I really mean is there anything I need to do apart from water.

(There's a hidden happy in the photo too - it's raining a little bit)

Good morning, everyone.  It's cool, it's cloudy and, yes, it is spitting with rain.  The forecast is for light rain and a gentle breeze with a high of around 21C - bliss.
I'm so relieved for Karen and Dominic - moving house would have been well nigh unendurable in the weather we had at the start of the week.

Yesterday was rather tiring.
After a poor night's sleep, I set off for Letchworth at around 7:30, arriving in Baldock about 8:45.  I went to the big Tesco there to pick up various 'thank you ' or 'welcome to your forever home' bits and bobs before getting to Dad's just after 0:30.  
Gail was already there and. bless her, she had already gone over everything , opened the windows to freshen up, etc.  We went through every drawer and cupboard, finding a surprising number of bits and bobs on the way as well as the stuff I knew about.  Gail took all the remaining cleaning stuff for the church and, apart from the stuff we are leaving, that was that.
I took Gail home and then popped next door to have a quick word with Ann before going round the house and garden one last time, saying my own private goodbyes..
That was when it got a bit tearful.  You must know what I mean.

Thankfully, it was a good journey home.
I came home with two laundry baskets (Beth might like one and Dave and Anna the other - if not, I'm sure I can find a use for them), with various bits and bobs including the remaining crockery (for Alex), a couple of shopping bags (me), a very good quality bread knife (me - so now I have two and they should see me out!), some umbrellas and walking sticks (for anyone who wants them) and so on.  All the last bits we had left for when we go over.

I really didn't fancy going to personal training in the afternoon but, you know, big girl pants and all that stuff, so I went and I'm so glad I did.  Lindsey definitely has magical sparkles sprinkled around her studio and by the end I was energised and much happier.
It was the first of a new five-week block and she had changed things around, upped the levels a bit and introduced a few new things.  I was so pleased - not only did I do a whole minute of a proper plank, I also did my first press up.  That last wasn't part of the programme - after the plank, I put my knees down and said 'I can't do any press ups yet, not even like this' and promptly went and did one.  Most unexpected!

So today - fingers are crossed for a trouble free completion and that by the evening the dear old family home will have a new family, ready to take it on and make it a happy family home again.  It hurts but I'm also very glad for them.

It's the usual Friday stuff today.  Slimming World first; I'm going to help out but I'm not going to be weighed - it's been a bad week for comfort eating and I don't need to know the damage.  Not today.
Then it is on to tidying and sorting before the cleaners arrive, bless them.
And, in the evening, either a little celebration or a bit of drowning sorrows, hopefully the former.  Fingers crossed, everyone, please.


  1. Lovely to see the growth on your sweetcorn . Yesterday must have been a difficult day for you but you've now done all you wanted to and you did your training ! Hope Slimming World turns out better than anticipated and it will be a celebratory drink tonight .Enjoy today

  2. A sad day but good to know that everything went well.
    Your days are so busy - have a good one today

  3. I'm glad it all went well and of course it would be sad. Just be gentle with yourself and so what, comfort eat all you like if that's what you need right now. Definitely a celebration drink tonight xxx

  4. My fingers are firmly crossed that the completion happens smoothly for you today.
    The only thing you need to do for your sweetcorn is to give it all a little shake. The reason that sweetcorn is planted in blocks rather than just straight rows is that they all pollinate each other with help from the wind ... or a kindly owner giving them all a shake so that they bump into each other.


  5. You're bound to have mixed feelings about the house so I reckon you should have a farewell house drink and a celebration for the new family drink. Well done on the press up. It's a long time since I tried to do one... Not in any hurry to do another.


  6. You're bound to have mixed feelings about the house so I reckon you should have a farewell house drink and a celebration for the new family drink. Well done on the press up. It's a long time since I tried to do one... Not in any hurry to do another.

  7. The sweetcorn look good - are they full size or baby ones? Must have been a wrench saying goodbye to the family home, but the new family will fill it full of new life. Be gentle with yourself, Joy, it's an emotional time. xx

  8. I'm glad that your last visit to the family home went well and you were able to say goodbye in your own way and I hope the completion was hassle free today. xx

  9. You were so kind thinking about little gifts for people so give yourself the gift of a few nice treats today and back to healthy tomorrow. Catriona

  10. It was bound to be an emotional day. I'm just relieved it all went smoothly for you. Sending lots of love. X

  11. Good for you. I remember that, after my parents passed. It's nice to see their curtains, use their ice cream scoop, and enjoy their art work.

  12. Congratulations on the Corn! I grew it once when I was 7. Not done it again- I should do though!
    It must have been hard seeing the house for the last time. It was lovely to find people to give things to!x

  13. That must have been very stressful for you. Hugs from across the pond (had the same problem when we did Dad's apartment).

    God bless.