Wednesday 27 July 2022


 Today's garden happy - and a puzzle.
The photo on the left is the happy, not that there's anything particularly special about this cluster of Alicante tomatoes but it's a lovely big bunch and gives me joy.
The one on the right is supposed to be the Sungolds.  You know, the ones I went all over town to find.  Well, they may have developed another 'type' of Sungold, of course, but Sungolds are cherry tomatoes and these are definitely plum tomatoes, wouldn't you say?  All three plants are the same.
They were all clearly labelled as Sungolds (the labels are still in the pots) and selected from a shelf full of the same.  I guess maybe they were labelled by someone who didn't know what they were doing?  Baby tomato plantlets do look the same.
Anyway, the puzzle is - what colour will they be.  Sungolds are orange, these will be . . . what?
(answers on a postcard to the Chelmsford branch of B&Q, please!)

Good morning, everyone.  How are you today?  We had a right mix of weather yesterday - cloud, sunshine, a strong-ish breeze and even a bit of rain.  Not enough to be of any use but not to worry.  Today looks like being exactly the same so no complaints and there's a load of washing already out.

I meant to do the washing yesterday and I put a load in before I left for Groove.  When I got back and took it all out - yuck.  Nasty black marks all over.  Bad me - I really should have given my machine a good clean-out seasons ago; frankly, it was disgusting.

I wanted to go to Asda because at Groove, Lindsey and I were admiring a lady's gym wear and she said the leggings came from Asda and they were in the sale.  As you know, I love a good sale so I wanted to go and look.  I already had a little shopping list so I updated that, including 'washing machine cleaner' (it really was VERY nasty so I wanted to get something a bit stronger than just giving it a wipe around).

Yes, they had the leggings (only £6 which is good for the sort of quality they are) and I also got a rather nice top which, I think, is really sleepwear but looks great as a top, in the sale.

When I got home, I set to, read the instructions on the cleaner and followed them.  I now have a clean and shiny washing machine and it's already done one load of washing that is spotless with no nasty marks whatsoever.  Yay!

There was a parcel waiting for me when I got home.  I've got so fed up of weeds between the pavings that I asked around, read around, and ordered a weed burner that works with electric generated heat, not a gas flame.  Some time today, I will give it a go at the front and fingers crossed.
I'll let the neighbours know about it as we all have quite a lot of those herringbone patterned surfaces and the weeds do come up something chronic.  If it works as I hope, it can benefit everyone.

On to today and the only thing I have in the diary is personal training, later than usual - I'll have to leave a bit longer for getting there, I think.  I'm taking it easy this morning but, obviously, there are chores.  Nothing major, just nice, happy homey stuff.  I have a great stack of old magazines that I must sort out as Val is coming over tomorrow and she always takes them to enjoy.

Well, I'd better get moving.  I need another coffee and I must get my Facebook stuff done too.  
Enjoy your day, everyone, and be happy!


  1. B&Q are notorious for mislabelling plants!! My gooseberry bush produces red gooseberries even though it was labelled green. I'm sure the tomatoes will still taste good for being home grown :-) xxx

    1. I'm sure they will too. Oh, well, lesson learned. :-)

  2. Sungolds are definintely round, maybe you have a either a mislabelling by B&Q or a cross pollination problem. Whatever they turn out to be they should be delicious once they are ripe.

    1. Yes, I am sure they will be absolutely delicious. Just a shame about the Sungolds - I always have some because of Dad, you see. His favourite tomatoes. There's always next year - but not from B&Q. xx

  3. I did a double take then Joy and said 'but it's a clematis'... then I looked again at the correct photo :-) I bet Tony would love a weed burner. I can just picture him weed zapping.

    1. I had to scroll up to see what you meant there. lol
      I'll let you know what I think of it. x

  4. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. your tomatoes are a more ripe than ours, I think we may have the pots in the wrong place.

    1. It could just be that it has been warmer down here, maybe? xx