Monday 25 July 2022


Today's garden happy - my breakfast today, with bacon and mushroom.  Yum.  And there should be more to pick by the end of the day or tomorrow morning.
(Coming second is a proper sized yellow courgette, not the titchy ones the plant has been offering up so far.)

 Good morning!  Yesterday turned out to be a very pleasant day.  Not too hot, plenty of sunny intervals and a lovely breeze.  Even better, today sounds like being much the same, according to the Beeb.  No complaints here.

Yesterday was good.  As expected, very quiet and peaceful.  I put in the Just Eat order good and early amd got the early slot I asked for.  None of us are particularly stay-awakers so a five thirty delivery was just perfect.
So in the afternoon, I got out the tables, plates, etc, etc, etc, and organised the kitchen - not that it took all that much organising!

Sadly, one of us couldn't make it but we still had a really great time.  Loads of chatter and laughing and we thoroughly enjoyed the food - I will definitely order from them again - the lamb bhuna was so good!
There were leftovers, of course.  I had rather stupidly ordered some tandoori chicken (in case we didn't have enough!!) and that never got to the table - we had loads having gone from four to three.  And there were the usual leftovers plus what I'd ordered for the one who couldn't come.

However - Alex likes curry/Indian food so Beth went home with stacks of bits and bobs for him and the chicken in now in three portions in the freezer, being a pretty SW-friendly kind of thing, once it is de-skinned and de-boned.  I might even then boil up the bones to make a spicy sort of stock.  May as well.

Beth helped me clear up afterwards so it didn't take long.  That's one of the joys of a take away - no pots and pans!  And there was quite a pretty sunset too.

Today is back to the normal routine thankfully.  I'm going to start the day with strawberry and raspberry picking at Lathcoats and I might make some wee pots of jam for the girls with some of what I bring home.

Later on, it's Monday circuits - there may not be many of us there today.  The school holidays makes things tricky and, in fact, next week, Lindsey changes to a 'blended' delivery of classes in the studio at her home and live online, to accommodate those who have children to be with.

And then I will probably go straight to the pool and do my last fifteen lengths for the GOSH fundraiser.  I didn't swim at all last week so it's time to get back into the pattern again.
Usually, at that time, the pool is pretty empty but it might be a different matter during the school holiday.  I will go and find out!

So that's today.  It should be a good day, all in all.  I hope yours is too - enjoy it and have a really happy time, whatever you do.  xx


  1. Isn’t it funny how we always provide too much food when we have guests? You did well to give away/freeze the leftovers. I’m making a chicken and veg curry for tonight as we have eaten salads for the last few days and need a change. Catriona

    1. You would think we'd have learned by now, wouldn't you? :-)
      Your curry sounds delicious. I love a chicken curry. xx

  2. Only 15 lengths to go ... well done you!!

    Your al fresco Indian meal sounds lovely, lots of food and good company you can't go wrong can you.

    1. No, you can't. It's such a lovely, relaxing sort of time and we all really enjoyed ourselves. xx

  3. By the time I am commenting you should have completed your swimming challenge so I'll be the first to congratulate you and say a huge "well done"!

    I'm glad you had a good time with your friends. It's a shame one couldn't make it but I'm sure Alex was pleased with his share of the meal. I hope you've had a good day today xx

    1. Thanks, Eileen. Yes, it was a real shame but there will be more opportunities, for sure. xx

  4. I am so looking forward to our first tomato from the garden. Yours look wonderful.

    God bless.

    1. hanks, Jackie. I think it is my happiest time of the year, when the tomatoes are ripening so fast and there's more to pick everyday. Such joy.