Friday 29 January 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  

Yesterday went well.  I started off with a shops, some for me (not that much really) and some for Beth.  Alex is now home after finishing his end of module exams and, I think, intends to stay home for a while.  I'm quite relieved in a way and I'm pretty sure Beth is as well.  So she needed to stock up on things.  Feeding a nearly 23 year old with a hearty appetite takes some doing and a laden fridge!

I went to Sainsbury's because attached to the shop is the Specsavers I use.  Before Christmas I picked up one of my two new pairs of glasses; the other pair hadn't come so they said they would let me know when.  I thought I had better check with them what was going on as a month plus is a long time to wait.

So, one laden trolley later, I went to the entrance, explained the situation, said I didn't have an appointment but . . .   They checked, found the glasses, invited me in and five minutes later I was walking out wearing them.  They were my first choice frames and the ones I had intended to wear all the time.

I did also note that the bag with my glasses in also held another case and I suspect that they had sent another pair of the ones I took home before Christmas or, possibly, the later pair that had been made before Christmas but not sent.   I didn't ask and they didn't say!  Not my problem!

Once home, I popped the frozen stuff in the freezer - I've been looking for ages for bags of frozen Chinese stir fry vegetables, as the fresh packs never keep very well, and nowhere seemed to have any so when I saw Sainsbury's did, I pounced and bought three bags which should see me through a good number of fakeaways - and then started my chat with Chris

The chat with Chris was, as always, lots of fun and a good laugh.  We're both looking forward to warmer days and an easing of rules so that we can again meet in the garden for a good chat.

Beth asked me not to take her shopping round until the afternoon because she had a meeting.  However, when I turned up, we could only chat very briefly as she had another meeting!  Both online, of course.  Not to worry, there's always online.

The Slimming World Zoom meeting was good fun - we were all enjoying it so much that the meeting finished without us realising it and we all got chucked out!!  We've got a few new members so there are more contributions to the chat and it's all really pleasant.

Today is the two usual Friday things.  A chat with Jackie this morning and the cleaner this afternoon.  I much clear my clutter corners, as usual on Friday, and make sure she doesn't spend half her time just moving my stuff about to get to the corners.

And that's about it for the day.  It's very much the same thing each week and I expect you know very much what I say each day before I say it really but that's life at the moment.   Apologies for the mundane-ness of it all.  :-)
Stay well, keep warm and, whatever else you do or don't do, please be safe, both for yourself and anyone else you are in contact with.  xx


  1. Not mundane at all. Just ordinary everyday life. Glad you got your glasses sorted. I love to visit now that I have found you x

    1. True - like The Archers - an everyday tale of country life - or, rather, lockdown life. :-)
      Yes, I'm glad I have the glasses sorted. The others are darker frames and I really only wanted them for when I needed to look more 'serious' - and as an emergency pair as well, of course.

  2. I didn't know Sainsbury's did frozen stir fry veg - that's just what I need. Thank you.

    It's lovely for Beth and yourself to have Alex home again, and even better news that he may home for longer than usual. Is this his final year at Uni?

    1. A pleasure. I thought Aldi did too but haven't been able to find it there. I was so pleased when I saw it in the cabinet.

      Yes, it is his final year. What the future holds, we just don't know.