Wednesday 13 January 2021


 Morning, everyone.  It feels a bit chillier this morning nd it's drizzling a bit.  Never mind, it could be worse.

First of all, the very good news (good to me, that is); Dad has his vaccination scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Excellent, I'm very glad.  I will lift that vague underlying anxiety somewhat, I think.  He's taking a drive to the place today, just to check parking, etc, as it will be dark by the time he has to be there.

Yesterday passed as days pass at the moment.  I did the extra moving stuff around and now there's room for what I wanted to put away (the actifry).  There's more room, in fact, as some more stuff went down to the garage.  Excellent.  Even further away, things are much more accessible now, which is great.

I went onto Amazon and ordered some foil dishes and tops.  Generally, I freeze things either in poly bags or in plastic pots but I thought it would be helpful to have some containers that can go from freezer to oven without need to defrost.  I can also make some freezer to oven meals for Beth which I know she will appreciate now she is working full time (yay!!)
They should be coming today, as should a silly little 'My weight loss journey' plaque that you write on in chalk.  It * is * silly but cute and not terribly expensive either.  You may have seen them - there's three chalk board spaces to write pounds lost this week, pounds lost in total and pounds still to go to target.

Apart from that, I got all Beth/Alex's ironing done so they are ready to swap for another pile as soon as Beth is ready.  In the meanwhile, I have just a few things of mine that didn't dry completely yesterday.

Apart from the ironing, I have a clutter corner in the kitchen behind where the actifry was (and I'm still using it, it was just taking a bit too much room really) so I'd like to sort that out today.  It is mostly cookery books which could just as easily be upstairs with all the others.  Once that's done, I can have a good long look around the kitchen to see if anything else could go away.  The bread bin is scruffy and unused, so that might get chucked.  I don't keep loaves of bread anyway - they get sliced and frozen.

I have a chat with Val scheduled for this morning and personal training later on, not at the usual time because Lindsey has to do some online training.  Then I have a meeting early evening so it's all go really.

Take care, have a lovely day and stay safe.  xx


  1. Hope your Dad doesn't have the long queues seen on TV news - IF they are what they say they are - who knows anymore!

    1. He is expecting to have to queue, I believe.

  2. There's something very therapeutic about reorganising and making spaces work for you, especially when you get it right first time. I hope that's the result you've achieved!

    Enjoy the rest of your day xx

    1. It's looking loads better now. There's still a bit to sort out but I have the time and don't want to make hasty decisions - and anyway, I wanted to knit and read. lol