Wednesday 21 October 2020


 Good morning!  I've just been down to the shed to get today's frozen stuff out and it's chucking it down.  What a shame; yesterday was lovely.  It looks as if it's going to be wet all day too.

I did an early morning shop yesterday, deciding to take the drive to Sainsburys as I haven't been there for a while.  Good decision - they had 25% off clothes, not that there was much I liked but I did get some more jeans, a nightie and a top.  
I don't think I have ever spent so much at a supermarket but it wasn't clothes that did the damage, it was Christmas gifts.  When we talked about it, Beth said what she'd really like is some new ovenware as her stuff is so old and terribly battered now.  Things like a few roasting dishes and low sided trays.  SHe likes what I have which is from Sainsburys, quite good and very sturdy.  Nothing buckles, for a start, and it is easy to clean.  So I got what she wants and will wrap it up and tick it off the list.  I also got a few bits and bobs for her birthday next Monday.  Her main pressie was some cash for a specific purpose but I want her to have some little parcels to open too.
Then I got some stuff for Alex's Christmas box too.  I'm putting together a sort of student's comfort box with all sorts of bits and bobs that he can dive in to.  Things like drinking chocolate with marshmallows and long life squirty cream, some pens, choccies, a mug, and so on.
All of that, plus the normal shop and the clothes made for an eye watering bill but it's now rather than later so that's OK.

Then I came home and put everything away.  Beth texted to say she couldn't come; she had needed to arrange a GP appointment and was given one over lunchtime.  Never mind, Saturday is still on and we will get the shelves done then.

I popped out to pick up the pottery and had a nice chat with Alex, the tutor.  She said they had been making noises about restarting after Christmas but we agreed that this was highly unlikely and even an April start wasn't all that likely really.  I collected all Beth's things but was disappointed in mine.  One bowl that should have been finished wasn't there at all and the other hadn't had its final firing so I left it there.  Oh, well, out not with a bang but a wimper!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that in the evening I had some Governors' online training.  I'd like to say it was exciting but, in fact, it was all about being ready for OFSTED and it brought up old feelings of dread and fear that I used to feel around the whole issue when I was teaching.  Not nice really.  The training itself, what I could hear of it, seemed good but, oh, that black cloud.

Anyway - today also looks busy.  I'm resuming personal training sessions after a three week break (two sessions - holiday and dental) and I guess it will be hard work.  Mixed feelings really but it'll be fine when I'm doing it.

At two, I'm due at the dentist to have the stitches taken out.  I think that should be OK, we will see really.

And then, at six, there's an online meeting of the Local Governing Body.  Yesterday's meeting was using Zoom with which I am familiar.  Today's uses Teams which I have but have never used so that might be 'interesting'.  I need to spend some time this morning reading through all the associated paperwork, not the most thrilling of activities but I like to know what I'm agreeing to (or not).

So that's my day.  Not the most exciting agenda in the world - or maybe I'm just feeling negative after yesterday evening.  It's just one day, it'll soon be over.
Have a good one yourself and be safe.  xx


  1. Poor you, the very thought of having stitches removed makes me squirm.

    1. There aren't many so it won't take long. They're a bit annoying so I'll be glad to get shut of them, to be honest!

  2. I hope the removal of the stitches goes as planned and is over quickly.

    That's a shame about the pottery because I know you enjoyed it so much. I think there are lots of similar groups that are unlikely to resume until this pandemic is behind us, if they do resume at all.

    1. It is a shame - it was such fun and everyone got so much satisfaction out of it too.
      Time will tell.

      And they're gone! :-)

  3. I hope you will be more comfortable with the stitches out and that it's healing swiftly.
    I've been putting some thought into Christmas gifts myself this week, as it will be upon us before we know it. I like Beth's idea of ovenware and the comfort box for Alex sounds perfect. X

  4. Getting those stitches out will be wonderful.

    God bless.