Thursday 15 October 2020


 Good morning.  It's nice how quickly life settles down again after upheavals, isn't it.  Things are right back to normal again and the old routines back in place.  

Thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday.  I promise I won't go an about the dental stuff much more but just to say I was so surprised how comfortable everything is.  I decided to not take any pain killers yesterday and I totally didn't need any.  It was all fine and I think most of the previous day's evening ouches were from the injections (there were quite a lot of them).  This morning I have a slightly puffy upper lip and the inside is a bit black and blue but it feels, it doesn't hurt.  It's just a bit trout-pouty, if you know what I mean.  The plate fits comfortably still and all is well.

It was lovely to have some sun yesterday.  Fairly watery sun, admittedly,  but it was brighter and cheering.  Jeff turned up in the afternoon and now most of the tomatoes are in the bin.  I asked him to leave the ones in the bed just for the colour because they are still nice and green.  He also chopped some other brown stuff and generally swept and tidies, bless him.  He's not a gardener like yours is, Eileen, but he makes such a difference.

One thing I did was go onto Amazon.  There were a few things I needed to order for others but I got something for myself.
Last week, one of the nice things was that in the hotel room there were towelling dressing gown things and I really liked having one to put on after my bath/shower, rather than wrapping a towel around.  It was warmer, for a start, and just more convenient.  So I looked on Amazon and they weren't terribly costly, so I bought one.  If I find I use it a lot, I may splash out on a second one.

I've put the garage shelving units onto the list as I really don't want it arriving until next week.  I have a friend coming Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and can do without the complications of huge boxes piled in my living room which is where they will have to go until Beth can come over and help me with them.  That's next week's biggie - that and starting the allotment clearing (at least the ground should be nice and soft and damp).

Today, though, first of all I am off into town to pick up a prescription and I will also go to M&S to get some food - they do nice small loaves and joints of meat and while I'm there, I've run out of instant coffee so will get some.  Just bits and bobs really.

Once home, I need to get Suzanne's room ready.  It's in a bit of a mess having been used as a bit of a dumping ground but it won't take long.  Then I just need to read through some tuition notes for later and make/copy a few resources.  I've got some of next week's tuition plans in place but it would be nice to do the rest, from the sessions I missed Tuesday and yesterday.  Then I won't have them on my mind over the weekend.

To finish the day off, it's Slimming World group so I'll be around there early evening.

See what I mean?  Back to routines again.


  1. Routines and keeping busy are what is needed at the moment.

    1. It certainly scaffolds ones day nicely, I think. It helps to have these regular things happening.

  2. It definitely makes a difference having help in the garden and Jeff has proved to be a treasure. Are you still going ahead with the raised beds at the allotment or is that a job for next year?

    I'm so relieved that you're not experiencing any pain from the dental surgery but probably not as relieved as you are!

    1. He's a really nice chap and, ues, makes a world of difference. We've decided to leave the ground flattening until the beginning of November so the actual building might have to wait until next year. We will see - time alone will tell.

      Extremely relieved, yes. I think I've got off lightly. :-)