Friday 20 December 2019


Good morning! It's a damp start to the day and pretty mild too.  Yesterday evening the temperature was into double figures and it feels similar right now just before seven am.

Jeff turned up and did the usual good work so now my garden is pretty presentable, both front and back.  That's it now until; after the start of the new term.  Very little needs doing in these winter months anyway.

I enjoyed my chat with C, my neighbour over the cul de sac.  We have a number of shared experiences and get along pretty well really.

Tuition was great fun.  I found an online 'Advent calender' that involved solving riddles which we really enjoyed working through and then we set to to write our own riddles for other Christmas things.  The time went so quickly.

There weren't many people at SW - it's not the right time of year for being careful with your diet, is it?  We had a good time though and it will be so busy after the new year.  At present, it's the lull before the storm.

I've finished my shopping list and was planning to go this morning but, as I have everything for Val's lunch here, I have decided to leave it until tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to seeing Val again and catching up on all the latest news.
After that, the cleaner should come.  Today it's the whole house and I have an extra clean on Monday, just downstairs, as a gift to myself.
Apart from that, I need to sort out the extra food things and get it all away and just make sure no little piles of clutter have built up amongst the decorations, candles, etc.

One Rutter carol after another.  This is his 'Star Carol', very different to yesterday's gentle lullaby mood.


  1. I love this carol. We sang this at the Christmas Celebration I went to so I can now say I have been conducted by the great John Rutter 😂

    Hope you have a good day x

    1. Fantastic! It's a lovely carol, isn't it? So happy.

  2. Good luck with your cholesterol journey. I walk five miles a day inside!! I am not overweight! I eat no salt! I have been a vegetarian 28 years! No animals at all! Guess what? I inherited high cholesterol and high blood pressure from my mother. She died of cancer at age 60! I Had to go on blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds many years ago! The cholesterol meds had side effects so I quit! Well had to go back on them! My first stroke was at 27!! I have had five and despite all of that, graduated college in my 40's and Master's degree age almost 60. I have made it to 72 by doing all the things we are suppose to do. Cholesterol is just a losing battle! I have had Arthritis since early 20's and Fibromyalgia. Osteoporosis also and the injections for bone mass cause pain! Enough stating the facts! Keep trying for the cholesterol battle but if it doesn't work, the meds might! This is not to be discouraging but you are so active and seem to have so much will power! Don't get discouraged if the cholesterol does NOT go down on your plan! I love reading about your life in your blog!!!

    1. Thanks for all this info, Brenda. I'm glad that Dr Singh gave me the opportunity to try to control it by diet/lifestyle but I am sensible and if six months of that doesn't work, then I will take the meds.