Saturday 8 December 2012


Another weekend has arrived.  It only seems a few days since the last one.  As always, I have a great long list of Things To Do and won''t get half of them done, but never mind.

First on the list is more shortbread.  Cranberry and vanilla, I think.  I have a lovely big bag of dried cranberries which I will chop up small.  I'll make one batch and see what I think.  I want to make some lemon and almond ones too.
I will also cook tomorrow's dinner today so all I have to do is reheat.  I've been meaning to try roasting spuds one day and then reheating them the next to see which is nicest.  This is a good opportunity to try it out.

Yesterday was good.  It was my SEN day but the morning was all taken up with show things including the dress rehearsal, watched by the juniors.  I probably shouldn't tempt fate, but it was really very good indeed.  I hope they keep it at that standard next week.  Now I am racking my brains to think of anything I haven't already done/sorted/organised.  There's bound to be something, isn't there; there always is.

Now I'm off into the kitchen to make the first, experimental batch of cranberry and vanilla shortbread.  Wish me luck!

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