Wednesday 26 December 2012

Wednesday: Boxing Day

I'm very glad I don't have to do any boxing today!  The aches wouldn't stand for it!

As I thought, yesterday was a funny old day.  Kinda lonely in a way, but I was very grateful for social networking, emailing and phone calls that kept me in touch with people I know.  I was very thankful I wasn't catering for six - one was bad enough!  Mind you, that did involve dealing with a large turkey - completely dealing with it, I mean.  Today I have to sort out the slices I will want in the next few days, make some potted turkey (I LOVE potted turkey on hot toast), vacupack the rest, boil the carcass, pick off the . . . oh, you know the whole rigmarole, I am sure.

If I can get to the shops today, I will buy some fresh veg and make a turkey soup - hotpot, as we all call it, although it isn't a hot pot at all really.  Mum and Dad are hoping to come over next week at some point and they love turkey hotpot with grated parmesan and croutons.

And B&A are coming over today so I shall be making another 'Christmas' dinner.   Mustn't forget to pick out some choice bits for Beth's cats.  They love turkey!

None of the above is going to be a hassle but I will need to spend a few hours in the kitchen to make it happen.

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