Monday 24 December 2012

Quiet Christmas

Well, it's agreed to cancel the family Christmas we had so carefully and happily planned.
Brother from Scotland is going to M&D's so that's good for them all.
B&A are going to a friend's for Christmas Day and B is taking some of the goodies bought over the past few days that are no longer needed here with her.
B&A will come to me on Boxing Day, virus permitting, of course.
B is coming to pick up the presents she put under the Christmas tree - it's not fair to expect Alex to wait another day, assuming that they come on Boxing Day.
D&A won't pop round here tonight as where they are going there will be a baby and an elderly person so it wouldn't be fair at all.

A bit of a silver lining (if one is looking for a silver lining, which I am right now).  It gives me the chance to try the cooking method for the turkey that is recommended by the Kellys in the leaflet that comes with the turkey.  It's very simple and, to my old fashioned eyes. looks too quick for a turkey.  But the pressure is off, timing doesn't really matter, if it isn't cooked it can go back in the oven again, and then I will KNOW.  I've been wanting to try it out for years now.
And when it is cooked it will be cooled, sliced and vacupacked before freezing so should keep good for a long time and be ready when needed.  I will make up the gravy, freeze it and vacupack that too.
Must check how to freeze sprouts.  I think they need blanching first.
And the lentil and chestnut soup I was planning to make for tomorrow evening will do nicely for New Year's Eve. 

Another silver lining - I can watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special 'live'  rather than repeat or iPlayer.  And I have two lavish Nigella books I've never had the time to properly read.

But none of this will happen today . . .  PJs for me today and, probably, tomorrow too.  Ho ho ho!  :-) 

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