Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day.

It's very strange, waking up to an empty home (apart from me, of course) on Christmas morning.  It's very strange to be not making Nigella's Christmas muffins for breakfast right now, a family tradition for several years, so strange that when the turkey is cooked and out, I might make a batch anyway, maybe for elevensies with a glass of port and either what's on the telly or a nice Christmas DVD.

It feels strange but yes, the turkey is in and due to be finished in an hour and a half.  I know what Mum means, it does seem an incredibly short cooking time when one is used to long-and-roast-the-divil-out-of-it, but I'm giving it a good go, even to the point of roasting it upside-down and uncovered.  If it doesn't work the way 'they' say it should, I will go back to Delia's trusted and tried methods next year.  I have to say, it's starting to smell VERY good indeed.

It is also strange to be setting my own agenda today.  It's always family driven on Christmas Day.  Breakfast by half eight, usually, pudding in the slow cooker minding its own business in a kitchen corner, chatting, waiting for B&A, A&D to arrive, opening the bubbly at about eleven (goodness, I don't even HAVE any bubbly -  Dad always brings it, ooops!), then the pressies, then into the kitchen for some hard work, Mum laying the table, dinner when everything's ready after a manic kitchen-time and then a long, slow unwind to a buffet supper/tea as and when I can muster the energy.  The only time I get to use the big teapot with the owl tea cosy is when the whole family is round.

Today?  Not sure.  Taking it carefully, that's for sure.

Breakfast, I think, will be a bacon sarnie using the bacon that I laid over the top - I mean bottom - of the turkey.  After all, if I don't eat it, no-one will!  I haven't had a bacon sarnie for yonks.  
Then bath and hair wash - my hair feels dire after several days of high temperature - and into clean pjs for the rest of the day.
After that, Christmas muffins (maybe) and a DVD/programme/book/whatever
Then have a think about what I fancy for lunch.  Turkey, of course, and sprouts maybe.  I'll see if I can separate a few pigs in blankets from the rest in the freezer and rescue some roasties, carrots and parsnips from its chilly depths too.  Pud - just ice cream, if I feel like it, I think.
Then a good clear up in the kitchen before sitting down to open the pressies under the tree, maybe with a coffee, maybe a glass of wine, maybe port - or maybe a coke or J2O glitter berry (lovely!).  Nice to have the choice.
After that I doubt I will want to eat any more for the rest of the day!

Or maybe I will sleep!!  Depends on whether the current okay-ness lasts.  Fingers crossed it does, please

Whoever you are, however you are celebrating, to all my gentle readers, I wish you a very safe, happy, trouble free, enjoyable Christmas Day.  God bless us, every one.

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