Friday 14 December 2012


Last day of the penultimate school week of the longest autumn term I can ever remember.  Nearly over now, yay!!!
This week has been a bit of a blinder really - show on Monday (but at home in the evening), evening show on Tuesday and Wednesday, a farewell party last night for a retiring colleague which I can now mention because it's no longer a secret and this evening it's pot luck supper here.  This is living it up for me!  Not sure I can stand the pace much longer.  Thank goodness the weekend is here tomorrow with all its opportunities for doing precious little (ha, flippin' ha).

It is SEN day today too, so I can take things at my pace which, I suspect, will swither between very slow and full stop.  I'll have to pick up again this afternoon because we have a specialist support teacher in.  And at lunchtime we have school Christmas dinner.  Wonderful!  It does mean that the Infants have to be ready from 11:30 onward.  With all the children participating (apart from one or two) it takes much longer than usual to get through them all and our lovely dinner ladies end up being rushed off their feet.  It's all go at school, believe me!

And now I'm back to getting downstairs fit for visitors this evening.  Bye - I may be gone some time! 

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