Saturday, 22 December 2012


Early, isn't it?  Even for me it's early.  I've had the most peculiar night - well, past 15 or so hours, in fact. 

(whinge alert)
At lunchtime yesterday I started feeling not so good - aches and pains and a headache - so I popped some paracetamol which saw me through the afternoon.  By the time I got home it was around five and the aches had come back double plus.  Think hot and cold and uncontrollable shivers.  So it was more pills and early to bed.  But I felt distinctly unwell all through the night.  Very hot, very cold and the aches were not nice.  I was starting to worry about getting all the work I have to do done today and even more about flu/cancelling Christmas, etc.   At two I sat up, took some more tablets and read for a while and started to feel a lot better and now I'm weary and not 100% but coping fine.  I hope that was the worst it will get, whatever 'it' is.

Happier stuff - yesterday we were presented with some wonderful gifts from the parents, we being me, my TA and the three teachers who provide cover for me - PPA cover, coordinator time cover and SEN day cover.  Ideally it should be the same person but it isn't.  Anyway, I digress - I came home with flowers, bucks fizz, chocolates and a large amount of money in the form of a Hobbycraft gift card.  Wonderful and so, so generous of them.  I shall enjoy the spending thereof, that's for sure.

I note that Sainsbury's has been open since midnight so I could go and do the main shop right now - well, not right now because I'm in bed things but you know what I mean.  If I leave here at five I will be well ahead of the crowds, won't I?  When I get home I can have another snooze until the turkey arrives.  Yay!!!

I'd planned to take it easy this morning and potter doing little things, and so I will.  I think I will put up the Christmas tree on Sunday evening with some carols playing and something chilled and alcoholic in my glass.  By then I should be more or less ready for the throng.  And I should have caught up with my sleep too.

And I MUST remember to get the gammon out of the freezer!

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