Wednesday 12 December 2012


Brrrrrrrr - what a bitterly cold night it has been.  The temperature is well below freezing and there's fog too, so everything is covered in frost.  It should look beautiful once the day dawns but I am VERY glad I'm not on playground duty today.  Yesterday was bad enough.

Nags sometimes work!!  After a short nag and a practice yesterday morning, the singing was so much better in the show.  I was well pleased.  There's a bug attacking the children at the moment.  I was two down, Andrea had to move a child into a different group for her class dance because so many were away from that group and one of the narrators was away.  Thankfully, the narrators read rather than memorising and the little lad who took her place did a grand job with only a few slips.  Also, one of the lads singing a duet was also ill so the other lad sang a solo and managed really well.
Fingers crossed for tonight.

Today is more or less a normal day.  PPA, ICT and some art in the afternoon.  Hand and foot reindeer, I think, to get us started off well.  Ho ho ho!

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