Monday 15 November 2021


 Good morning, everyone!  New day, new week.  It's dry outside and feels fairly mild right now although I believe we are predicted to get some colder weather towards the end of the month.

Yesterday may have been designated an 'easier' day but I still managed to get a couple of things crossed off The List.  The first one was that the fridge had a good clear out, wash down and rearranging.  I suppose it wasn't that bad really but there were a few out of date jars of stuff that I bought as one offs and never used up and everything was in a big old muddle.  It took a while but now it's all clean, shiny and tidy and it makes me smile happily whenever I open the door!

The other was that while I was getting dressed, I took out all my jumpers, tried them all on, discarded a few (for the Sally Army recycling point at Morrisons) and put the rest back neatly.  I have way too many but there you go!  Count my blessings.
You will have noticed that since I lost all the weight, I have been very, very naughty about buying clothes.  I am getting better but after so many decades of only being able to get what was big enough for me to get into, it's a bit Aladdin's cave-ish when I go shopping.
I will grow out of it.

Then I popped down to Beth and Alex's for my Sunday dinner.  Alex had made a good old roast dinner of pork, potato croquettes and four typed of veg and it was absolutely delicious.  Well done, Al.  It was nice to see Beth (and Alex, of course), it feels like ages although it was just a fortnight really.  However, after years of seeing her pretty regularly, every day when she had her workroom round mine, I do miss her at times.  Not complaining, just saying.

Once home, I just pottered really.  Did some knitting, made dinner, watched Strictly Results, did some more knitting and made some biscuits for the men replacing my extension guttering this morning.

O to today and, as mentioned, a team will be turning up at eight to replace my guttering.  I had the guttering of the main house replaced with the windows a short while ago and really should have got the other done at the same time but didn't.  Silly me.
Anyway, Seth and his team are doing it this morning - I have known Seth since I met him in Y6 when his family moved into this area and he has a jolly good company that he has built up from scratch over the years.  They are very busy (always a good sign) so I have had to wait for this to be done.

Then, hopefully, all being well, I will be off to the weekly circuit training at Lindsey's.  Following that, there's tuition.

So quite a busy day today but I am hoping that I will get a few more bits and bobs sorted and crossed off as well.  I think I may deal with the dumping ground I call my desk.  It's actually not all that bad, just messy, and there's stuff I could discard.  My pencil pot needs a sort out for a start.  Yes, little things, but they do make a difference.
And I do need to do my meal plans for the week so I can make my shopping list.

Beth reminded me that next Sunday is Stir Up Sunday.
 "Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people"
. . . so at some point this week I must get the recipe and check that I have everything ready.

I seem to have waffled on for ever and no photos to lighten the load.  So sorry - MUST get back into the habit of snapping stuff.

Have a lovely day, everyone, and be happy and positive.  xx


  1. I think only an ex-teacher would be tidying a pencil-pot!! Love the idea :-)
    Have a good day

    1. I suppose it does look funny but it's definitely a thing. :-)

  2. So satisfying to have a good sort out and be able to pass things on to others.
    Aladdin's cave or not you have done so well with losing weight. I guess it's just getting the balance of shopping right.
    I need to think about making my Christmas pudding this week as you have so kindly reminded us about 'stir up Sunday'. Have a great week Joy x

    1. That's very kind, thank you. It is all about balance, I agree. IO'm sure I will get there eventually. :-)

  3. It takes me a while to get into the right frame of mind when giving the fridge a thorough clean or giving the bathroom cabinet a clear out and other such places! Like yourself I feel much better for it once they are done and I always feel quite satisfied at the result. Just wish those type of clean/clear outs would last longer. As for the pencil pot...oh yes...unbelievable what gets put in my seven pencil pots that I have on my desk in my study... from pens,pencils to chopsticks etc! Keep well. Amanda x

  4. Yes, tidying a pencil pot is definitely a 'thing' and something that I always find therapeutic!

    Hope you have a good day xx