Saturday 18 September 2021


 Good morning, everyone.
The sun is trying to break through, it's lovely and fresh outside, I have a clear day, a carafe of coffee to hand and some lovely meals planned.  Could life be any better, I ask myself?  Well, maybe, but I feel satisfied and relaxed and it is lovely!

Yesterday started off with Slimming World.  The Friday morning group has really taken off and loads of people stayed after weigh-in.  Jen had to close the Tuesday morning meeting because it just wasn't attracting enough people to make it worth her while (it is her paid employment, after all) and I think she was worried about starting this one but it's a great success.

Then I came home and pottered about the house for a while.   There was a parcel waiting, from Amazon.  On my other blog I post foody pictures and was usually not terribly satisfied with the results.  In no way and I trying to be - what do they call it? - instagrammable? - but there's nothing wrong with trying to improve, is there?  So, as light can be an issue, I treated myself to a new ring light (I already had one but it broke and I just 'need' one).  It wasn't very much and might help.  Time will tell.
I suppose now I ought to think about accessories . . . :-)

At around three, I set off for one of our retail parks with the intention of window shopping four places - HomeSense, Matalan, Home Bargains and Poundstretchers.  Yup, there is a theme here - cheap and cheerful.

In HomeSense I found something to give to Beth for her birthday.  I'm putting together a bag of little bits and bobs, mostly, but not entirely, cat themed and I will be making her a cake - well, cheesecake, as she has requested.  I also bought a few nibbly things which have now gone (ooops).  I also 
I really like HomeSense which is, I think, an offshoot of TK Maxx.  It has quirky homey things, candles, decorations and foody bits and bobs.  I will be keeping an eye open as we get closer to Christmas because not only do they have festive consumable bits that make nice gifts, they also have Christmas china.  Last year I got some really nice festive plates which will be coming out on December 1st!

Matalan is always nice to look around and I found a couple of things.

The first was this top which I really, really like.  It's quite simple and the back is a bit longer than the front with is ideal for hiding sundry lumps and bumps.  It's long enough for me to wear with jeggings or leggings without looking - er - too cuddly and I got the size 12 so that I can layer it over a T shirt or jumper come the colder weather.  I think that, with some nice leggings and my black boots, it will look quite smart too.
The other was a long, grey/beige open cardigan.  I didn't need it, I have loads, but there were two that I really fancied and I chose this because not only was it a finer knit, I liked the pattern.  I love a cable pattern but hand knit cables are chunky and this isn't, it's fine and flat.
It will look nice with lots of what I already have, being quite a neutral colour.

Then, in the other two shops, I got some Christmas wrapping paper because I pretty much ran out last year after years of not needing to buy any.  I always go for red, gold and green so my gifts match the general decor (sad, innit?) and what I got is no exception.
Now I can start wrapping up what I have got of my Twelve Days of Christmas gifts early enough that I will pretty much forget what's in them by the time they are opened.

When I got home, the cleaners (bless them) had worked their usual magic and everything was shiny and nice.  When I was still working, I used to love that on Friday evenings, after cleaning and tidying the ravages of the week in the classroom, I came home to a beautifully clean home.  It was weekly bliss and still is - I don't actually NEED them in the same way as I did before but they would be one of the last things to go, should it be necessary.

Today will be great, I think.  The sun is now out, the house is clean, if not as tidy as it could be and there's lots of things I could do.  I have popped out into the garden and taken a few photos but this post is already too long so they can wait until tomorrow.
First of all, time for a bath - and maybe I'll have some bubbles in it this morning.  
At some point, I might go down to Central Park to see the Knife Angel.
Here's a link to info about the Knife Angel - do go over and read.
Also, best of all, Strictly starts this evening.  Could life hold more?

Have a great day, everyone.  xx


  1. The Knife Angel came to Derby a while ago. The pictures don't do it justice, it is so astonishing and moving up close.

    Have a lovely day


    1. Thanks, for this. I'm looking forward to seeing it, definitely. xx

  2. Starting at the end LOL! Your mention of the "Knife Angel"piqued my curiosity straight away and I popped over to the bbc link given Impressive! I would like to see this. Very touching and gives out a powerful message without a doubt. Hope you take photos when you go to see it :-) Basically your style and choice in clothing is mine too...I like those sort of garments. I look for comfort more than anything but if it hides "the sundry lumps and bumps" too,as you comment then I am all for it. Enjoy your day Amanda x

    1. It looks absolutely amazing as a concept, doesn't it? I suspect that I will find it very moving in real life.
      Comfort is King in my life . . . why feel squashed when you don't have to? :-)

  3. I saw the angel on Look East - I understand the concept but they still looked like knives - afraid it didn't appeal to me at all.

    Love the Matalan top,I'm looking out for a few tunic tops before winter
    Have a good weekend. Strictly .....Yay!!

    1. It was absolutely stunning in real life. Some of those knives were scary and each one is a knife that someone has handed in so it can't hurt anyone again. To me, that represented something really important, I think, although I can see why it would not necessarily appeal.

  4. I'd love to see the Knife Angel and now I know it's back on tour again, will look out for it coming near me. Thanks for mentioning it, and I'll be interested to hear what you think of it if you do go to see it.

    I don't follow Strictly but may do this time ... it depends on which celebrities are in it. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

    1. Amazingly, this time I recognised more names that not - I think that's the first time for years. Mind you, by the end, they all seem like friends anyway. :-)