Monday 2 November 2020


 Good morning.  It was a damp and sometimes blustery weekend around here, not the sort of weather for being outside much.  I stayed inside in the warm and got stuff sorted and organised.  I just wonder how things could get so cluttered when I've been trying not to.  Just life, I guess.

Over the weekend I got an email from the company providing my shelving to say they had a problem with the corner shelving which wouldn't be available until the new year so they were cancelling my order and invited me to reorder the 'side' units again, if I wanted.  They also offered me a discount on a corner unit when it did become available.  When I checked my bank account, the refund had already been paid in.  Now that's what I call good service.  Disappointing, but nevertheless good service.
So I went into Amazon and ordered the side shelving which should arrive this week.  It makes me even more grateful for my Bubble-Mate, Beth, as it really is a job for two and I'd struggle to get them up on my own.

Yesterday afternoon, Beth came over to pick up a couple of parcels (she used to have things delivered to mine while she was doing Kitty Stitches and the habit hasn't gone away) and a couple of packs of strips for paper chains that I thought she might like to do with a little friend of hers, bought on Saturday before I knew about the second lockdown.  While we were chatting over a cuppa, another friend arrived to give Beth her Christmas present as she was worried that she wouldn't be able to get it to Beth because of Lockdown.  M couldn't come in, of course, but she and Beth had a good chat on the doorstep before we had a look at the hamper.  A most generous and thoughtful gift, it was, packed with goodies, some wrapped and some not.  The nots will be used when wanted while the wrapped ones are still here, ready to go under the Christmas Tree as soon as it is up and decorated.  I benefited too as one item was some vegan friendly stuffing which I can use for Beth at The Meal as well as a jar of nice drinking chocolate and some vegan marshmallows, to be used on Christmas Tree Day.  Beth isn't vegan but she is vegetarian.

One more thing - I got the Christmas edition of the BBC Good Food magazine and I think I've found my Christmas pudding recipe.  If you've got this, look at p45, with the clementine 'twister' (not the chocolate though).  I may see one I like better  but, if not, this is The One.  I will adapt by using different dried fruits and a citrus liqueur instead of rum but that's just me; I always seem to change something!

Jeff is round this afternoon, weather permitting and then, in the evening, Dave and Anna are round for a meal.  I know it is bending the rules somewhat but they are pretty much isolating for health reasons so I'm comfortable with them coming over - and we won't see each other until nearly Christmas, if indeed we are then allowed to, so it may be rule bending but . . .
They are comfortable about coming here too, I need to add.  If they weren't, they wouldn't.

The rest of the day will be the same old.  This decluttering is taking some time as I'm doing it very slowly in hopes that I won't have to do it again for years.  
Fingers crossed.

Good luck with your preparations for Lockdown.  Stay safe and well and be happy.  xx

(while typing this, the clouds parted and the sun is trying to break through.  Fingers crossed)


  1. The new lockdown rules don't apply until Thursday so isn't it still okay to have Dave and Anna round for a meal? I admit to being a bit confused about it all!

    It's a shame about the corner unit. Will you still get one when they are available?

    1. Good point . . . I was getting a bit muddled, I think.
      Yes, I think I probably will, especially if it is on discount.

  2. Wow, that was great customer service.

    What a sweet friend Tam has getting her Christmas gift to her so early.

    God bless.