Friday 27 November 2020


 Good morning, everyone.  My goodness, it's cold outside.  There's a heavy frost and a freezing mist, everything is white (not snow, just frost) and, yet again, I am so thankful for central heating and a cosy home.

On that subject, I got the annual letter yesterday, telling me that my winter fuel payment will be landing in my account at some point.  It makes me feel a little easier about turning up the heating from time to time, especially in the evenings when I'm not so active as well as a bit guilty.

Yesterday was, of course, a day for playing with my new toy.
After all my comments about never making puff pastry, too much hassle, etc, I noticed that there's a recipe for quick puff pastry and, as I had small amounts of butter in the freezer, I decided to give it a go.  In went the butter (it has to be in small portions, not as a chunk) and the plain flour plus a bit of salt and some cold water.  On went the machine and after a very short buzz, out came puff pastry dough.  After a brief chill, I did the rolling and folding (even Thermione doesn't manage that!!) but without the resting in between and ten minutes later I had a slab of puff pastry.  I had to test it, of course, so I used a very little to make cheese and marmite straws and the rest was cut into four portions and is now in the freezer.
And it was delicious - so, maybe, from now on I will be making puff pastry!  You never know.

The chat with Chris was lovely.  For people who live very quiet and uneventful lives, we always seem to have plenty to talk about and yesterday was no exception.  It was great fun.

Today is comparatively full.  I need to tidy up before the cleaners arrive and, as today is a whole house day, that means my bedroom.  It's not awful, it just needs a bit of work.

Before then, I have a scheduled Zoom chat with my friend, Jackie.  We missed each other last week so fingers crossed for today.

In the afternoon, while the cleaners are here, fingers crossed, I'm popping over to Beth's for coffee and a good natter.  We can sort out Sunday's arrangements and generally have a good time.

So that's today.  I will probably do some more thermo-playing as well but I have no definite plans yet.  I'll see what I fancy doing.  I've got a post purchase demo with Leonie on Monday afternoon where we make something in tandem.  She said she has a lovely recipe for meatballs that uses some of the new features and a new addition, the blade cover which fits in the bowl, over the blades, to keep the food off.  I'll look around Cookidoo and see what else hits the eye.

Well, I will sign off now - have a wonderful day, stay warm, safe and well.  xx


  1. It's registering at 1°C outside today and is still very misty ... much too cold to think about venturing out.

    You have a nice, busy enough, day planned. It sounds like you're enjoying getting to know your new Thermione. Is it better than than old one or is it too early to say?

    1. It does a lot more and I am appreciating the new features. Also the whole online thing is so much better.
      Things seem to have cleared a bit here but no sun, not yet anyway and it feels pretty icy. As you say, too cold to go out although I do need to tidy up some pots in the garden. It shouldn't take too long though.

  2. Yes,it is true ,cold circa +5 C in the afternoon and in the morning cold 0 C.But winter is coming and we must wear warm clothes to feel better,I wish you a good day,
    Greetings from Warsaw

    1. Absolutely. Feeling cold really isn't nice at all.

  3. Your new appliance sounds very interesting. Kind of a cross of many different appliances. I don't think we have anything like that really in Canada, at least as far as I have searched.

    God bless.

  4. We have no frost but are sat in the middle of a damp cloud with no sign of the sun.