Thursday 19 November 2020


 Good morning, everyone.   Thankfully, we did get some sun yesterday morning and it was lovely.  The afternoon was more gloomy with spots of rain but never mind - the morning made up for that.
It's cloudy and breezy at the moment but who knows?

I had a lovely chat with Val in the morning before settling to some housework and some reading and sewing.  I started the ironing in the evening but was too tired to finish it off and, to my disgust now, I left everything up and out so it's a right mess.  That's first on today's list.

It's Dad's birthday today.  Ninety two and going great guns at the moment, looking after himself really well and is great form.  Happy Birthday, Dad.

It's a busy day today!

First of all there's a chat with Chris over the road, a weekly event and much appreciated.  Lockdown can be tough when you live on your own, as some of you know first hand, and I so appreciate these opportunities.

Then it's personal training, also online.  Lindsey had to do a course yesterday so we moved it to today.  I'm looking forward to that.

When I went onto Facebook earlier, there was a message from Beth, inviting me round for coffee.  I accepted with pleasure, of course.  SO that will take up the afternoon.

And finally, it's the Slimming World meeting on Zoom at half past five.  I must remember to weigh before midday and get the results to Jennifer.  Fingers crossed.

So it is a fuller day than usual and I need to get going.  Have a great day and be safe.  xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    You have a nice variety of things planned for today. Hope you have a good day xx

  2. A Big Happy Birthday greeting to your dad! You are so fortunate to have your dad still with you and in good health at the age of 92. Very nice indeed.

  3. Birthday wishes to your lovely dad. X

  4. Thanks everyone. I gather he had a lovely birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad. It's my Dads birthday as well, but he left us a few years back. I always remember to say Happy Birthday to him on Facebook.

    God bless.