Thursday 7 November 2019


Good morning.  After three or four lovely days, the weather has broken today.  It's been raining through the night and is still doing so, although not too heavily and it's predicted to clear through the morning.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday ran according to plan pretty much.  I picked up the parcel and on the way home stopped off at one of the three Aldis we now have in this city of ours.  Three!!!  Still, having one en route was handy.

I found the sausages, bought some and have them planned for breakfast.  I also bought some of their happy chicken and some vodka for the clementine liqueur I had planned to get started, plus a few more bits and bobs that occurred to me as I went round.

So when I got home, I set to and made up the liqueur - some clementines, sugar, vodka (or I could have used gin but I used that for the damson liqueur) and star anise.  It also asks for a lump of fresh ginger but I didn't have that so I used some very lazy ginger instead.  Same difference!  Now it has to all steep together in the jar which needs to be shaken each day until all the sugar has vanished and then put into a dark place until needed.  Then it just has to be strained to remove all the bits and it's ready!

I feel I'm really getting a lot fitter and stronger thanks to Lindsey's personal training.  Now I'm getting three sets of each exercise done in the time and with more intensity.  It's very satisfying.  We had a chat about ongoing sessions (and my need for more time) and agreed that once a fortnight would be the way to go, providing I keep it up between sessions - which I will.  So now I have a 'free' day every other week - assuming nothing comes along to fill it - and intend using that for jollies.  There's also other weeks with no PT but they're rather filled with Christmas and New Year.
I might change my mind and go back to once a week at some point but I'm giving this a go and we will see.  After all, originally I only intended to have one block of sessions, just to get me on the fitness road.

I've also roughed out a table in Word so I can see almost a month on a page, each day divided into am, lunch, pm and evening.  The November one is a bit unclear (there's a lot on it already) so I might colour code it with highlighter pens - one for family and friends, one for tuition/school, one for fitness and creative (like pottery) and so on.  At the moment there is no completely clear day in November but there are a few outings booked so I'm not complaining.

I'll get there!

This morning I am off into town.  I suppose it's a bit of a jolly as I don't HAVE to go but I want to stop off at the station to get a return ticket and to hunt out a nice cardigan thing that my friend, Alison, had and which I rather liked.  I also need a fleece or similar - I have plenty of winter coats, thanks to my lovely Mum, but nothing casual/warm-ish.

Then there's tuition late afternoon and pottery in the evening.

So a very, very nice day, despite the rain.  I do hope yours is too.  xx


  1. Nasty morning here so far.
    Hope your day goes well

    1. Quite a change, isn't it? Here's hoping it changes back again soon.

  2. Just more rain here - I like your planning chart - I really need to get down to some for the run up to Christmas - all I have at the moment is the run up to our two family events and I don't seem to get beyond that. Now I need to see how mum is as that could change everything if she continues to be unwell. have a lovely day x

    1. I do hope your mum is OK and that things can go ahead without any problems.