Monday 25 November 2019


A bit of a late 'good morning' to you all.  I went out early for a blood test at the local drop in.  An hopur, that took.  Then I stopped off at the GP surgery to pick up a repeat prescriptiona and arrange for a bp check.  Now I'm typing as I have my breakfast!

Yesterday was a very lazy day.  I stayed in my PJs all day which as nice to start with but maybe a little 'something not right-ish' as the day went on.  I did a lot of knitting and helped Beth turn out her bunting triangles and iron them as she needed to make up an order from the Open House.

Today is rathjer different.
I'm off out again in about fifteen minutes for a Heart and Sole walk, travelling by bus.  It would be faster by car but I enjoy the bus.  I take my Kindle and it is a chance to sit, rest, read and people watch.

At one, I'm due in school to do my weekly duty and then it's tuition.

It's all go today.


  1. I haven't been on a bus for years....well, there aren't any near us anyway. When we lived in our last house, I did take the bus there sometimes to Street (a town), it meandered through lots of little villages so took a while, but it was a lovely ride. Sounds like a good busy day for you, will keep you out of mischief! lol xx

    1. It has been a nice day, thanks. It was good to get out for a walk after last week. xx

  2. I hope you enjoy your walk and the weather stays kind to you. It's been raining on and off here and I'm fed up of getting wet!

    Buses are so much better than they used to be. I no longer get travel sick on even the shortest of journeys so have plans to invest in some day excursion tickets next summer.

    1. That's really good. I used to get really sick too but buses are different nowadays. They don't smell like the used to for a start.