Monday, 5 August 2013


It's been raining!  When I popped out to look at the garden, down came the raindrops so I beat a hasty retreat!  It's stopped now and the sun is out but I have a feeling there's more to come yet.

There's not a lot to say really.  Yesterday was one of those gentle days where nice things happened one after the other, the highlught being when Beth turned up with potatoes, courgettes and some corn on the cob.  I shall have some of that tonight!

Today marks the start of middle third of the holiday.  I'm hoping that it will go more slowly as I want to enjoy every moment!  Two weeks until Streele Farm.  Looking forward to that.

I hope your day goes well.


  1. A gentle day is a lovely thing, too, and does you the world of good. The vegetables sound wonderful and, BTW, your leeks are looking promising, too! :o)
    Yes, not long till Streele Farm, I can't believe we're busy working our way through August already - amazing! Have fun! :o) S. xxx

  2. Thanks, Sonja. The vegetables taste wonderful too. There's nothing to compare! :-)