Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Half way through now!

On holiday, I always seem to have one day when I feel vaguely not-well, tired, listless and just not right.  That was yesterday but it was OK because I could rest and relax after a night when I really didn't sleep all that well..  I then slept in the morning, I slept in the afternoon and I even slept a little bit in the evening.  And went to bed around nine.  As a result, of course, I was awake rather early this morning and am just starting to feel tired again.  I think a coffee in bed and another snooze is in order.  I'm making the most of it - in a fortnight I will be facing my new class for the first time.

It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday.  Beth and Alex went pig sticking (stick picking) in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.  I expect today will be more of the same.  No complaints.

Sunrise yesterday: view from my bedroom window.
And now I'm back off to bed with a coffee and a book.  Ah - holidays . . .

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