Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

. . . not that it has any significance really, being absorbed into the main break, as it is.  It 'feels' good though and I intend to take it as a holiday, even though the new school year is looming and blocking that light at the end of whatever tunnel I may be passing through, whispering to me of all that needs to be finished before next Tuesday.  I'm actually ready to get back to work now.  The holiday has been lovely, one of the happiest ever, but I love my work and, aged as I am, retirement does not call to me, not yet.

After such a windy, soaking, miserable day on Saturday, yesterday was totally the opposite.  Warm, sunny, a light breeze and just a typical summer day.  Peeping out, today could go either way but the forecast is good!

Yesterday Beth and Alex came round bearing allotment gifts - back beans, broccoli, courgettes (of course) and a cucumber, very twisted and contorted but absolutely delicious!  I'm wondering about going for a cucumber plant next year - they grow up, supported, not spread out like courgettes.  I may ask for advice from the fount of all knowledge, aka Dad.

The lasagne I made was absolutely scrummy.  A while ago there was a programme where famous chefs cooked frugal food.  It was fun, worked in some ways but not in others and I remember one chef looking at a frugal ready meal lasagne at either 75p or 95p (I forget which) and saying 'you couldn't make it for that'.  At the time I thought 'I bet I could', but I never tested that.  Well, now I know I can . . . bigger portions, much, much healthier, all made from scratch and cheaper too!  I was well chuffed.

The programme didn't really work on a number of levels but there is definitely a gap in the food programme genre for good, genuinely and practically frugal cooking without hard-to-get, expensive, use once ingredients and employing down to earth utensils and techniques.  I hope someone gets their act together on this one.

Well, today's breakfast is a cooked one - bacon and cheese and onion drop scones - so I'd better be off.  The kitchen needs a tidy before I start today's food adventures!

I took some panoramic photos on holiday.  Here's one of them.


  1. Love the panoramic photo is it stitched together or does the camera take actual panoramic photos. You are right there is a gap in the market especially in these hard times for a cooking program using cheap and cheerful ingredients to make cheap and wholesome meals...

  2. The camera takes them. You have to tell it which way - left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up, position at the starting point, press the button and move slowly-ish in that direction. A few buzzes and whrrrrs later and hey presto! Clever.

    J x

  3. Yes, love the panoramic photograph - very clever indeed!
    Hope the kitchen-tidying went well. :o)

  4. Oh, fine, thanks. It never takes all that long as it's not a huge kitchen. Unless I'm doing major cleaning (which I ought to have but wasn't), half an hour is more than enough!
    J xxx