Thursday 8 August 2013


What a lovely cool night it was.  I stayed cosily under the quilt, fan turned off, and slept like a log all night.  Wonderful!  yesterday was also pleasant, weather-wise: sunny warm but not over-warm and with a lovely fresh breeze.  No sweat!!!
Today looks like being more of the same.

To my huge relief, I am now hearing stereophonically again.  In other words, I went into town and picked up my broken hearing aid which is now as good as new.  Phew, what a relief.  I then made an appointment to have my sight checked as I know I need new glasses.  I believe I can now have free sight checks which is nice.

Heading back towards Lakeland, I decided to pop into Debenhams to look at purses there.  I've had the most wonderful little black purse for well over a decade now.  I bought it for next to nothing in the market, it's leather and has done a grand job.  However, it is now very old and very battered and doesn't always close properly so I can find a shower of cash all over the bottom of my bag.  I therefore decided to get a new one at some point.
See what I mean?

To my delight, there was one that was just perfect.  Light coloured (I wanted light coloured to make it easier to find in my somewhat capacious purse) and slightly larger and, better than best, had an owl on it!

That neither explains nor excuses the handbag I also saw and bought though.  So much for frugality.

The frugality took another severe battering when I went into Lakeland (no surprises there then!).  I bought several bits and pieces that I needed and - er - a pasta maker.  You know the sort: heavy, rolls out pasta dough and cuts it into bits thing.  A gadget - one of the species of cupboard clutter I had vowed to ignore and disregard from here on.  Ooopsie!
So there's got to be fresh pasta on the menu a bit more often . . . and I need to Google search for info/recipes

Having shocked myself by my weakness (yeah, sure), I recovered over lunch with a friend with some non-stop chatting and laughing.  It was lovely.  Later on I had a surprise visit from Beth and Alex, dropping off a courgette and picking up the garden mint and courgette loaf I had for her.  And then in the evening I get on with my knitting and didn't go wrong, not even once.  I must be improving!

Today I have an appointment with Beth and Alex down at their allotment for a picnic.  I haven't been there for a while and I gather that there are changes.  The shed's up, the furniture is out, things have been moved around . . .  I'm looking forward to it very much.

I'm taking flapjacks (which are smelling wonderful in the oven as I type) and something to drink, and I might take some little pots of citrus yoghurt (recipe over in TsRs - do pop over and look) as well.  Apart from that. the day is more or less a clean sheet so I might get some long overdue bits and bobs completed.  That would be good.

Almsot half way through - where is the time going?


  1. Pasta is really easy to every 100g of "00" flour add one egg. Once smooth wrap in clingfilm and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes then roll and shape as you wish.

  2. :-) Thanks, Diane. I love proportional recipes, they're so flexible!