Saturday, 17 August 2013


The first full day at Streele farm and it's sunny.  Not that it is likely to say sunny all day.  The forecast tells me that it will be fine all morning and up to about 3:00.  After that it's likely to rain all evening and through the night.  The rest of the week looks pretty good.  Not baking hot (none of us like baking hot all that much) but plenty of sun.  No complaints here.

So the plan is to go swimming this morning, then have lunch and do the food shopping in the afternoon.  If the evening is cool like yesterday we will light a log in the wood burner and enjoy the flames and the warmth.

Here's a few photos.  The light was not good so apologies for the quality.
Part of the bouquet of lilies we found on arrival (together with the sponge cake with coffee icing - yum)

Rose hips

More rose hips

The log shed


Leaves (stating the bloomin' obvious!)

Behind the Oast House is Streele Farmhouse itself.


  1. I think the rain is on its way it hasn't reached us yet but it is looking a bit dark over head

  2. It's now very overcast and the wind is picking up. It can't be long before it starts.
    J x