Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Another panoramic view - the pool area.
Cool, cloudy, has been raining but more or less dried up now, breezy.  Hopefully the sun will come out soon and it won't rain again because after I've come back from school I want to paint another fence panel.  Two done so far, four to go!  If I get one more done today (it takes longer than you think) I'll be half way there.  I have to say, the two that are done do look nice, even the parts done in my cack handed way - and thank you to Sonja and Milli for starting it off!

I enjoyed yesterday.  Having decided that work was a no-no, I rested, relaxed, baked and cooked and knitted to my heart's content.  I discovered another 'one to do regularly' recipe, made some half and half wholemeal rolls and a loaf which will will see me through the next week, got on with Alex's aran sweater that I am making and generally buzzed.  Lovely!
The colour's not right.  It's a lovely dark, warm cherry colour, not pink like this.
Today, of course, things change.  I will be in school later on this morning, notebook in hand, generally sorting, making, laminating, displaying, labelling, etc, etc. etc.
Tomorrow I have two meetings, possibly three.
Then home to do another fence panel, hopefully, weather permitting.


  1. Wow! Joy that's beautiful, so intricate. Do you use a cable needle?

  2. Thanks!
    I do for anything more than a one back or forward. I love aran knitting. It's actually remarkably easy, there's a discernible pattern that makes it very difficult to go wrong and it's satisfying! Alex seems to be pleased with the way it's developing too.
    J x

  3. Beautiful knitting, joy - wow, Alex is going to be pleased with that, I am sure!
    Sounds like you are well on track for having everything ready for school - amazing how quickly the summer break has gone by, but it sounds as if you have had a lovely one and that's great.
    Well done with persevering with the fence, it'll look great when it's done - I wish we could have done more...
    Have fun! S.xxx

  4. Don't worry, it's not an easy job, is it? It will look great when it's done, yes. :-)
    J x