Thursday 14 October 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's quite light now and looks to be another fine but not terribly warm day; 'light cloud and a moderate breeze' says the Beeb.  Fine by me.

Yesterday was nice and gentle but slightly annoying.  Well, more than slightly as neither of my yarn parcels actually arrived despite me shelling out for a next day delivery.  I know there are issues right now but if they can't make the next day, they shouldn't be offering it.

Having said that, I have an email that says one of them will arrive between ten and eleven this morning and if it does, I will forgive and forget.  Maybe the other one will come today too but I only need one to start knitting.

I did get a parcel however.  On Monday, I ordered some Christmas candles.  Most candles are easy to get hold of but I need (ok - want) some that are specific shapes - some ball shaped ones to go on the candle holders I made in pottery a couple of years ago and also some teardrop shaped ones for a specific candle holder.  

Here it is, brought back from Mum and Dad's attic last weekend.  I now have two of them because when Mum and Dad bought this one decades ago (literally decades ago) , they also bought one for me.  I need to replace those shiny bits on mine and will be looking around to see if I can find anything suitable.
So - red teardrop candles which I have to get from one place.  I'm sure they are sold elsewhere but I can't find anywhere else online (I bet someone will prove me wrong now).
I wasn't expecting the candles to arrive so soon so that was a pleasant surprise.

I really enjoyed personal training.  My fitness levels are definitely improving again and Lindsey makes it all great fun.

On to today, usually I am out on an early morning shop at this time but I don't have much to get and am going to the local Morrisons today so I'll go later as I know parking won't be a problem.

Before then I am over to Chris' for our usual weekly coffee and chat and, as that's when the delivery is due to arrive, I will leave a note on my front door asking them to take it there.

After that and when the shopping is done and put away, the rest of the day will be devoted to getting the house in reasonable order and knitting.    Nice.

I hope your day goes really well.  Stay warm, safe and well.  xx


  1. The curves of the candle holders are eye catching. I bet with the right candles they will be breath taking.

    God bless.

    1. It does look nice, especially with the teardrop candles - as you say, the right candles!