Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Thank you for all the kind wishes (and gentle tickings off) yesterday.  Things are picking up now and I suspect that by this afternoon the guilt will have set in good and proper.  However, right now, I am glad I'm not working today.

Unless there's a relapse, I will be back to work tomorrow!


  1. You poor love, I am so very, very sorry to hear that that rotten bug has got you, too! Awful!
    It clearly was too early for you to go back to school yesterday and I must agree with the gentle ticking offs you got! ;o)
    I am so glad you are staying home today, take great care and GET WELL SOON! S.xxxx

  2. Feeling 'better' whilst at home is not the same a being ready/fit for the classroom. Guilt trips aside, going back because you 'need' to is not the same schedule as taking care of yourself properly. Been there and done that. Jx Trying not to seem too harsh.

  3. You're right, Joan, but I am feeling a lot better and, as I am sure you remember, there comes a point when you know you are going to continue to get better. I'm at that point now! (fingers crossed)
    J x