Saturday 18 January 2014


Good morning.  Isn't it nice to feel fine?  Something I take for granted most of the time.  OK, so I stiffen in bed at times, I grunt my way to an upright position, I meander to the bathroom still half asleep and definitely not well balanced but . . . oh, it's so nice to feel fine again.  Such a wonderful feeling . . .

Yersterday was good.  Everyone was lovely and caring.  I was greeted by a 'and just WHY are you in today, Mrs Clark?' from a TA who I have known since our children were both at the same school together (so she can get away with blue murder) and plenty of 'take it easy and if you don't feel right, just go home'.  I am so lucky to work in such a caring environment, aren't I?
Amnd on the same theme, many thanks to all of you who have send kind, supportive messages this week.  It really helped and you are all lovely.

Well, I did feel right, righter and righter as the day went on which is a sure sign that this time I made the right decision.  OK, so I was knock-out tired by the end of the day but then it's Friday.  We're always worn out by Friday evening.  I was so glad I went in because there was so much SEN stuff to get done, including stuff that came up during the day.  And I needed to see the children.

This is a right rotten bug though.  I still have some away and one more complained of sickness so we hurriedly sent him to the office to go home.  And it's escaped from my bay and is making itself felt elsewhere as well.   Not good, not good at all.

As for today - I intend to take it easy which isn't the same thing as doing nothing.  I have to go to town, I need to bake some bread, I am going to also make some banana bread (I have over-ripe bananas), I have some lovely chicken and stock to turn into a simple clear soup with floaty bits and then some risotto for dinner but what I don't have to do is housework because my lovely Lenka visited yesterday and the place is now shiny clean!

And I want to try making thermomix cream after Diane recommended it.  I'll let you know . . .

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