Tuesday 7 January 2014


Good morning, everyone.  It's yet another damp, mild early morning but no wind as far as I can tell.  I'm starting to wonder if it actually will get winter-cold at all or have the Americans hogged it all to themselves?  Surely they'd be glad to share; after all, it doesn't sound wonderful over there right now.

No complaints though and, contrary to my predictions, yesterday turned out OK, weather-wise, with sun at playtimes and the heavy showers were sensible enough to fall only during lesson times.  No teacher could ask for more.

Oh, I was so tired yesterday evening.  All through Sunday night had slept badly, having one of those senseless dreams where you have to keep doing something and it never works out so you have to repeat it again and again . . .all night long.  Not great!  Thankfully, last night I slept like a log, despite the very early bedtime (before eight) and falling asleep almost immediately!  Not even my new Kindle could keep me awake.

Yes, it has arrived and even techno-twit me managed to make sense of it straight away.  I now need to have a good trawl through the free books and see what's on offer.  I bet there will be some goodies.  Recipe books?  Hope so!

Today is coordinator time and PPA so I have my work cut out.  There never seems to be enough time to fit everything in but it is superb to get the next week's planning done and dusted.  I have a meeting in the morning - important but not tricky.

And now I must just review my planning for the day and make sure I have all the right sheets, etc.  The biggest problem is whether there will be outdoor PE this morning.  Two things will stop it: precipitation and puddles.  You see, while the older children usually wear their trainers for outdoor PE, the younger children have plimsolls which, as any teacher knows, get wet easily.  The playgrounds are uneven and very puddly, especially at the moment as the rain has nowhere to soak.  There is no way we can cope with twenty eight pairs of trainers all drying in a long line in an undersized classroom for the rest of the day, even assuming they are all named (which they won't be).  So - we will see!
Christmas satsumas - still going strong.  Lovely leftovers!


  1. Hope you enjoy your kindle as much as I do. I have the app on my laptop as well. So two copies of each book. Take a look at the Kindle books page and there's a list on the left. I often explore the 'best sellers' Top 100 paid and Top 100 free. Again look at the list on the left where you'll find 'Food & Drink'. Explore and enjoy. Jx

  2. I've discovered the freebies and have a few downloaded to read. It's a whole new world out there! I have it on my PC as well but it's not comfortable!
    J x

  3. Then you'll probably have come across Project Gutenberg too? There's a wealth of free reading out there awaiting discovery. Cornell Uni has an amazing collection. https://archive.org/details/cornell
    Especially if like me you like historical texts. Jx

  4. Yes to Project Gutenberg, no to Cornell - thanks! I do like historical texts!
    J x