Monday 6 January 2014

Monday: back to school!

Hey ho, the golden time is over, back to work again.  It's been a lovely break, despite the aches, pains, exhaustion and general urgh.

It's quite a while since I cooked a proper roast beef dinner - yorkshires, roasties, veg and a good gravy - but yesterday's effort was absolutely delicious with hardly any left over after seconds had been demolished.  I am very glad I kept some of the meat aside for another day or two.

I've never been all that good with roast beef and, in any case, am not keen on the pink variety, so I did a slow roast in my slow cooker overnight and during the first part of the morning and it was scrummy, so scrummy that I have posted the recipe in Teacher's Recipes, here.  As Beth cannot have meat, I made her some butter bean burgers and they came out well too, so I posted about that too, here.  The beef certainly isn't frugal but the burgers are pretty good value.

Today is, as already mentioned, back to work day but I am looking forward to seeing all my littlies again.  A few of them have kept in contact via our learning platform and some have blogged but it's not really the same.
However, it has been raining overnight and more is predicted so I am prepared for wet playtimes!  Ho Hum!

Can't wait for 8:45!!!

Mum's VERY popular vegetarian sausage rolls!


  1. My goodness, back to school again! The time seems to have gone so very quickly. Hope your first day back has been lovely and I bet your littles will have been so pleased to see you, too!
    Your Mum's vegetarian sausage rolls look scrummy BTW.
    Here's to a lovely, happy and successful term! :o)

  2. Yes, the time really HAS gone very quickly. Still, in six weeks there will be another wee break - can't wait!
    J x