Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Today the fence goes up.  I'm quite sorry about that, in a way.  The extra light has been nice and some of the will go.  The impression of a much bigger garden has been an interesting feeling.  Oddly, while I know full well that only half of the space is 'mine', I've been thinking about how I could manage the space if it WAS mine and some of that dreaming involves some lovely vegetable beds.  I think I'd have a hexagonal shape with pathways from the corners into the centre.  And in the centre I'd have a small stone circle.  Dreaming is fun.

Anyway, today (I hope) the fence goes up.  It will be lovely to get my privacy back.  Next door there are two little boys.  They're lovely!  J and K have been very kind and have kept them out of the back garden when I'm at home more, I think, that they usually would.  They have side space and front space and we're in a small cul-de-sac so it hasn't limited their play opportunities, but I am so appreciative of the thoughtfulness of J and K.

Today I will get back some shade.  I'm not a sun person and sitting out in the blazing sun is definitely NOT my scene.  However, I found sitting in the shade of the hedge with a fan blowing was a delight.  At the moment there's very little shade.  Come the holiday (in four days' time, yay) I shall want to sit out more in the cool of the day and I will have shade again.

Yesterday was great fun.  In the evening J, L and I went to the Hare for one of our regular get-togethers.  As the weather was so good we chose an outside table and it was a real delight.  Not hot like earlier, just warm and cool and calm.  We chatter and laughed and ate and chatted some more and it was a very happy time.

Today I am being a Mean Old Teacher.  Yes, I am.  I am getting the children to make up and write a story entitled Little Ted's Seaside Adventure!  Poor poppets!  However, with no assembly, the time has to be filled somehow and I'm betting many will greet the news with delight.  After that it is all downhill with outdoor games (if it's not too hot) and a swap around in the afternoon.  I'm having my new class for an hour so they are going to the reception classroom where they will have a wonderful time, I am sure!

Tonight is Open Evening.  A fraught first hour as everyone arrives at the same time and the bay is heaving, an hour where one can relax and chatter and then that's it.  Done and dusted, more or less.  It's all downhill rolling from then on!

Just four more days!


  1. If I submit my essay will you mark it!!!!

  2. < grin > What essay is this, Diane . . .
    J x

  3. Little Ted's Seaside Adventure! the title set my mind racing so I thought perhaps I should submit my efforts also!!!!

  4. LOL Feel free and I will level it for you!
    J x