Friday, 12 July 2013


Six days to go, that's all.  Six teaching days plus a weekend when, I hope, the Sunday will be work free.  Bliss.  If the weather is good and the fence is up, I shall sit out in the garden and relax. for a while.

Yesterday was absolutely lovely.  The free flow went so well and my children loved being mini-buddies, taking their little friend around the bay and explaining how everything worked in Lime Bay - where to put the dinner boxes, how Golden Time works, etc.  The show was great again, despite the restraints of a small school hall.  And I came home to work and it all flowed so very well.

Today is SEN day and there's an important meeting in the afternoon.  The morning will mostly be spent preparing for this.

Oh - and the school reports go home!  Teachers' Revenge!!!  < evil cackle >

They're getting on with the fence work.  The stumps are now gone and there's piles of sawdust everywhere!  Without the barriers it drives home to me quite how close we are to the busy road and my garden feels curiously exposed whereas it really isn't overlooked at all.  I am sure I will notice the road noise more without two over-tall hedges to block the worst of it but never mind.  I'm still glad the hedges are gone (they had one the other side too.
My garden - look, no stumps!

Across next door's garden to the road and then the country beyond.

I wonder if there will be a fence up when I get home from school this evening.


  1. I'm sure the garden will look lovely once all the work is done and has had time to settle.

  2. I'm sure it will too. It's nice to have a change and I have been deliberately walking to the right of the bed when going into the garden, just because I can!
    Once the fence is up and the paving has been swept, it will look lovely.
    J x

  3. Your neighbour's garden must have been so dark with these hedges on both sides!

    Expect you're all getting quite de-mob happy, hope the colds keep away too!

  4. It must have been, yes. I should think they are relieved.
    J x