Tuesday 2 July 2013


After a very cosy and soundly sleeping night, it's not so sunny this morning.  The sky isn't blue so there's some very high cloud there.  It's comfortably cool at the moment which suits me, especially as I am attending a SENCo conference all day and I have no idea if there will be air conditioning in the hall or not.

Yesterday was gorgeous.  Warm but not too warm, sunny and with a slight breeze to keep the air moving.  Really lovely!  We're due rain tomorrow, I gather, but Thursday is going to be dry.  I hope so as it is the Infant Sports Day on Thursday.  It takes enough organising as it is, without weather worries and needing to re-schedule.

Being out on a conference means free lunch - well, free for me, anyway.  However, in the evening I'm off out to the Hare for a meal with friends so, as I said on TsRs, that's my week's food money and more blown in a single evening.  It will be fun, though, great fun!

I got an email yesterday from Lathcoats Farm.  At last, at long, long last, they are opening their PYO.  I'm umming and ahing about this Saturday morning for an initial pick, but we will see, maybe not this weekend as there may not be all that many.  Definitely next weekend though as I have to make jam for all my lovely parent helpers.  Either jam or lemon curd!  I will be busy!


  1. Strawbs here are ripe and some I picked yesterday were huge. Had some last night, lovely and sweet. Then put some in a raspberry jelly for today. Jx

  2. Mmmm sounds delicious. Maybe there will be plenty. Perhaps I will take an early morning look round! :-)
    J x