Saturday, 13 July 2013


No fence.  They've done the other side and the back.  I guess that's reasonable and certainly sensible from the security point of view.  J said they had hoped to have it all done by this evening but things took longer than expected.  I think the stumps were harder to deal with than they had anticipated.  The fence itself is going to be easy to stain, so that's good!  I'll give it a go myself and hopefully I won't make too much of a mish-mash of the thing.  It will be quite high but it won;t be higher than the hedge, it will be lower and, of course, it won't take up anything like the width.

Yesterday was another good day.  The important meeting went extremely well and everyone was really pleased.  I managed to get the paperwork done without any panic.  There was no need to change anything on the meeting report so that can go off first thing on Monday, so that's then off my hands.  The reports are out now.  There's a little bit more paperwork to do but not a phenomenal amount.  We're getting there.

And now it's Saturday and at 8:45 I'm heading off out strawberry picking, the word from Lathcoats being that there's plenty to pick.  Excellent!  I guess then I will be jamming in the culinary sense of the word.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  Hot, but good.

Better get going than!


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