Thursday, 13 February 2020


Good morning.  I've just pulled back the curtains, this being a bit later than usual, and it's still windy and it's also raining, sadly.  The sunshine yesterday was wonderful!  It seems to feel a bit less cold but I haven't been out yet so that opinion might change!

I popped down to the dentist's surgery early yesterday, sort of between rush hour and milk run, to find out if they'd managed to fit me in and, after telling the story, the receptionist went to find someone who said, in slightly accusatory tones, 'I've been trying to phone you.'
I produced my usual response to this.
'I think you will find that in my records it says that I should not be contacted by phone because [blah-de-blah-de-blah-hard-of-hearing-bah] but by email.'

They fitted me in for twelve tomorrow before I had the time to waffle about 'reasonable adjustment' or 'preferred choice of contact'!  I think she was a bit embarrassed really.

So all last week's whinging can be transferred to this week and I will do my best not to bend your ears (or do I mean eyes?)  about dentists and their evil doings too much.

Then I goofed.  I walked down to J's, knocked, rang and knocked again before realising there was no-one in so I walked back again, went to Morrisons and walked home with a heavy-ish bag.  On Facebook there was a message from J saying 'are you OK'.
Yes, gentle readers, I had gone to the wrong house and if they'd been in, they could have directed me two doors further along.  Ho hum!  Anyway, we've rescheduled for this morning.

Personal training was a bit of a killer, as I expected.  The first session of a block always is as Lindsey changes the focus maybe, or the routine, and she definitely isn't afraid to up the level.  So maybe 'death' was the right word to use, especially after my morning walk.

Today I'm off to J's for coffee and chat and this time I will go to the right place!

After lunch, I am off up to school for a retirement 'celebration', although I always think 'celebration' is the wrong word to use.  Sue has been connected to the school as long as I have and her children are the same age as mine, more or less.  I went on to be employed as a teacher and she became a TA and a very valued one too so we go back a long way.
They're holding an 'afternoon tea' for her which will be lovely.  What's also lovely is that the parents of today's student are happy to delay tuition for half an hour so I don't have to leave early.

After tuition, it's pottery!  Yay!  I have two candle stands to glaze and one to smooth off before first firing.  That should keep me busy.

There's a lot packed into today which is good.  It will keep me out of mischief and stop me brooding on tomorrow too much.  Hopefully, it will tire me out too, so I sleep well.  And finally I won't be at home much so I won't be able to indulge in any stress nibbling!  Yes, there's the afternoon tea, but I'll have lunch just before so I won't be hungry in the slightest.

It should be a good day and I hope yours is too.  xx


  1. I'm assuming this is the first time you'd been to J's home? Hope you manage to get there this time. Enjoy your afternoon tea at the school as well ... what lovely send off for your friend.

    1. Embarrassingly, no, but it is several years since I last went. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. < grin >
      And thanks. I am sure it will be really good.

  2. I hope you're able to enjoy your coffee and chat with J today :) X

    1. I have done, thanks. We had so much to talk about!