Sunday, 13 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  I have no idea what it's actually doing out there, weather-wise, because I can't be bothered to look, but BBC says it's mild with light cloud and a fresh breeze and they're usually as accurate as anyone!  It sounds like another day of rather dull weather but better that than the very fierce weather we seem to be getting more and more of.

Yesterday started out as a rush and finished very calmly.  I rather slept in and then decided I needed to wash my hair.  I wasn't late in leaving but it didn't help that I stupidly went the wrong way, taking a turning I almost always take instead of going straight on.  That added five minutes or so to the journey buit, fortunately, traffic was light and I arrived with minutes to spare.

It was most enjoyable and some of the recipes were adaptable for SW but there was a lot of oil being used one way and another.  However, the end results were delicious and much enjoyed by everyone, including me, SW or no SW!  I don't stand a chance of working out the syns, etc, so I'm not even trying, just enjoying the memory and getting back on track.

When I got home, I was tired so I didn't really do much for the rest of the day apart from some knitting, sewing up and stuffing which watching telly.  I've nearly caught up with the Christmas viewing now and was busy deleting stuff I've seen and don't want to keep any more.

Today is another day with little in the diary but I am going swimming first thing as I'm up early enough.  It opens at eight so I'll be there soon after that.
Once home, I intend to be jolly lazy (again) and just enjoy the time.  There's a bit of ironing on the list and a bit of kitchen tidying/wiping over, but not much so I hope to finish off the current knitting project and start looking at the mice!.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your day yesterday. It's always good to have some new recipes to add to your collection. As I'm not really a gadget fan, I'd never heard of a thermomix before, but they look really good.
    I think we'll be having a lazy day too. X

    1. I love mine and, if it were not for the cost, I'd be plugging it right, left and centre and I might be a 'consultant' by now - like an Avon lady!
      Have a lovely lazy day. I'm just back from a swim and feel great.