Friday, 11 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday!  Last working day for some of us with the chance of some R&R for a couple of days, I hope.  If that's you, hope it goes well for you today

 First things first:  weigh in was OK, thank goodness.  Two and a half pounds off.  Just a dent in the Christmas gain but I'm on the way again now.

I spend quite a lot of time sorting out resources for a new student.  It all went really well and I think the session was enjoyed by both of us, not just by me.
I got all the ironing done and put away, which was a relief as it had been building up a bit.  Nothing as bad as a family load, I know, but it's surprising how much one person can generate.
I got part way through the recipe files and will complete that this morning.
I did a small shop but will need to take the car for a bigger shop so I may very well go further afield to Sainsbury's or Tescos.
The kitchen remained clean and tidy - as tidy as it's ever going to get anyway!
And I found a few more mouse patterns to download.  I have more than enough now to keep me happy for months.  Lovely!  One of them is a set of medieval mice and I was thinking I might make that for a class at school for the children to play with.  We will see.

Today seems to be a day of bits.
My lovely cleaner comes but it's just a question of putting a few things away and tidying my corner (where I sit to knit and watch telly) which looks bad but won't take long.
I need to change the bad linen - generating more washing and ironing!
I need to go shopping and specifically I need to get some more printer ink; I had to print this week's food plan out in blue!
I'm not going to Hobbycraft, it is too much of a temptation, but I will go online to Deramores to get some mouse coloured yarn.
Depending on how I feel (and the pool timetable) I may go swimming later on.  Now I've got the food back on track again, I need to sort out the other side of it - the exercise.  If I do that, I might very well pop into Matalan and nosey round.

None of the above is urgent and I doubt it will all get done but it's nice to have things to do, isn't it?
Have a lovely day, everyone,


  1. Good to keep busy and have plans.The joy of being retired!

  2. I always end up with a list longer than there is time for but if I don't write a job down as i think of it I will forget it now!
    I have spent far too long sitting at the computer this week and hoping to get out for walks again next week. Have a good weekend. x

    1. I think I have too. I'm beginning to feel 'stuffy', if you know what I mean. I hope you have a good weekend too with plenty of fresh air.

  3. Sounds like you've got a busy day planned! I think winter always generates more washing - or maybe it just seems like more as things are heavier/thicker. I've been getting out for walks despite the cold. Body still feels blah after all that holiday food. I'm the opposite with the printer ink. Everything in colour has to be in black! At this point I really don't need the colour ink so have put off buying it as it can be quite expensive! Hope you have a good weekend

  4. I admire the way you fill your days, and your positive, upbeat attitude. I would love to try knitting some of those mice, but all I've really done in the past is scarves and baby blankets so I don't know if I could follow the pattern. The photo is just adorable. I do needle felt - maybe I should just try felting on some clothes to get a similar look.

    1. They look a bit complicated but, like a lot of patterns, the making might be a lot simpler than the instructons. I suspect the making up will be the hardest bit - sort of fiddly!
      I did a bit of felting and enjoyed it, but it's not a craft that I've continued with.